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The 4 Laws of wealth solutions

Everyone wants to be wealthy in life and we look for different solutions for becoming wealthy. Finding wealth will require one to have solutions to specific problems. If you are in business then you would know that business is the result of having a solution to a specific need or problems in society. The people who advance the most in life are those that have the solutions that are required to get over obstacles.


There is no solution that will function without resources. For any solution there is need to identify the specific resources that are needed. When those resources are identified it becomes easier to implement the solution. If there is a problem in the economy for example then a solution is required which requires a resource to be able to implement it. Resources can range from tangible to intangible. For example resources that are intangible can be time, emotions whilst money and assets are all tangible resources. In the absence of resources there is no problem that can be solved.


Thinking outside the box also means thinking away from the box. Forget the box

There is no solution which can occur when there is no innovation. Einstein once said that you cannot solve a problem from the same level, in other words you need to elevate your thinking from one level to the next level so that you can be able to deal with the problem. Most people find it difficult to innovate because they can never elevate their thinking outside the box. When they are asked to think outside the box they think around the box and hence they are still defined by the box. For any solution one has to think at a different level that is higher than the problems.


calculation 1
Things just don’t fall into place, there is an order that is required. Everything must just be right.

There is no solution that can exist without calculation. If you are going to come up with a solution then you need to calculate whatever it is that needs to be done. Calculation is the normal thing to do with any solution. Every solution has different elements which are required to make it work, and these elements must be in the correct mix and order. If you are not able to calculate the different components that are required for a solution to work then that solution will not succeed. We calculate every day; even when it comes to our emotions we subconsciously calculate how much anger we need to express or how much love we need to show in what portions.


There is no solution that exists without hope. For any solution that we come up with we implement in the hope that that it will work. We can be confident that what we are applying is correct to its last component however we still cannot guarantee that everything will come out as we planned. The future is always filled with unpredictability; anything can happen however hence we always apply our solutions with hope. There is no person alive who does not do anything without hope, if they say they don’t then they probably are not aware of it.


These are the four laws of wealth solutions that you can use in your life to create wealth. They can be applied in business or in different facets of life successfully. Each law is a of equal proportion to the other and there is no solution that can occur without any of the four.

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