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Your gift can open doors, but the 5 sizes of the house matters

You are probably talented and you wonder how much your skills can get you in the skills market. The skills market values your skills in 5 specific ways. It’s not just about your talent, its about the size of the house that the skills will open your doors of opportunity to that will determine your level of success.

1. Level of giftedness

In the realm of Messi, Serena, Taylor Swift. Adele and so on the quality of the gift will determine the size of the house the gift will open. Not everyone has practiced their talent to perfection or has a recognition of their natural talent to be able to put it on the market. The finer the talent the more market value that talent will receive, the bigger the house of wealth it will access.

2. The demand for that gift is important

You cannot sell ice in the Antarctica and expect to get high value, however in the Sahara you can make millions from selling water. When you have a gift, where you sell or present the gift is important. As the wise saying goes , “Don’t throw pearls in front of pigs they will only trample them”. Be careful which market you sell your gift to, you might just sell short of your true worth.
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3. The value of perception

Directly linked to the market is the perception that people have for your skills. A skill in starting a fire in the old days could have been more valuable than today when people have match sticks and paper readily available. The perception that people have for your gift will also determine the types of houses of wealth that gift will open.

4. The timing of the sell is crucial

History tells us of great and not so great leaders who got into power due to their speaking skills which were needed just at the right time. Some inventions are not necessarily great they are just timed right. MacDonald is not necessarily amazing it just has the right timing. If you can’t read the sign of the times, opportunity will pass you by. You have to time it just right. Even the smallest gifts can be a lever to great success if timed right.

5. The quantity of the sell can reap millions

The value of a one year active Michael Jordan is not the same as the value of a ten year active Michael Jordan. The quantity and commitment of your skill will determine the size of the house of wealth. A one hit wonder gift could gain you a certain amount but generational wealth is only attainable from consistent practice. The quantity of the sell can reap millions. A commercial farmer plants thousands of seed a subsistence farmer plants hundreds, the size of the harvest will not be the same.

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