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5 Advantages of leading from the back

The temptation is always to try and be in the front because that is what we think leading means. So we hog the limelight and do not give other people a chance. A leader must be able to be exemplary and lead from the front but they are times when the leader must lead from the back. The reason for this are not as many as we would think. However here are the most basic of them all

1. You get to see the weaknesses and strengths

As tempting as it is to want to be in the front being at the back helps you to see just how people are when they are in the front. It is an opportunity to see what the weaknesses are as well as the strengths. When you are in the front all the time you never get a chance to see how it is from the back. So where there are situations that you can lead from the back you need  to take them so that you can observe more.

2. It gives others a chance to grow

If you are always in the front line you will obviously call the shots. So the team might not get a chance to shine or grow in terms of heir own leadership skills. So sometimes take a back seat so that you give others a chance to show case just what they are good at.

3. You groom people faster

From the back you obviously can see where problems are and where the solutions are, the more you interact the better it becomes. When people feel that they are getting a Theory Y type of leadership they tend to want to excel more. Sooner than later they will grow into their positions.

4. You elevate yourself even more

Being able to a take a back seat is a sign of security as opposed to micro managing which is a sign of insecurity.  Depending on the situation the more you are able to correct situations the more knowledgeable you will look. From an observation point of view you actually learn hints you never would have  thought of.

5. In the future you can take longer holidays

A micro manager normally never has time to take leave and is always on the edge scared that things will not move the way that they are supposed to. The more you groom people the better are your chances of taking a more relaxing leave.

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