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Bad leadership in Action, 21 signs

There are certain things that just stand out and point to a bad leadership style. We have made this list to be as easy as possible to follow

  1. Always the last person to arrive at a ceremony, meeting,  workplace or any place of leadership gathering
  2. Giving yourself benefits first before anyone else
  3. Dressing down team members in front of everyone
  4. Criticising your team in public as if you are not part of the team
  5. Never coaching a single person in your team or department
  6. Never doing overtime with your team in times of crisis
  7. Never giving people leave days yet you go
  8. Making jokes of subordinates but never allowing them to talk to you freely
  9. Always manipulating your team members
  10. Asking people about their personal lives so that you can use it against them
  11. Hiring employees because they are no threat to you
  12. Booking yourself in the best room and leaving team members to unknown accommodation
  13. Never sacrificing anything for your team
  14. Refusing to listen to ideas
  15. Never apologising when you make a mistake because you think you are too senior to apologise
  16. Asking for money from your juniors and never giving it back
  17. Never meeting your team for team briefs
  18. Using your team to do personal errands and never rewarding them
  19. Failing to compliment team members when they excel
  20. Delegating the simplest task that you are supposed to do
  21. Taking credit for team work without giving your team credit

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