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Eat Last, Servant Leadership

Don’t be a leader in order to eat first, but eat last to be a leader. Don’t rush to the lead otherwise people will just consider you as a person who cares about themselves.

Take time to understand the situation but foremost let others eat first. Food is very important. The point is this; servant leadership is the best type of leadership. It will get you places. and It will help you to become the best of the best and be respected. Don’t always expect that because you have a title people should shine your shoes; it actually makes more sense for you to shine their shoes.

Ego and pride is what gets in the way of great leadership. You don’t lose much if you shine other people’s shoes you gain wisdom and get to understand where they walk and what state their feet are in for spreading the message for you. If you see that you are always first in the queue then there might just be a problem with your leadership qualities.

One of the books that we can recommend to you is “The Servant as Leader “by Robert K. Greenleaf. Now that’s a great book. If you eat first you might be too caught up in your food to actually see how the food is served, how the queue moves, how the people relate to each other and of course hear the mumbles of the people. Even on the food table serve others first and let them be first. TRY IT OUT. So what have we learnt in this short piece, “servant leadership”

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