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10 Things to Lose in order to Succeed

I thought about writing an article about what you can lose but i thought it is best to just give the facts straight.

Here we go with the facts

1. Lose friends who are subtracting your gains when you think you are going to the next level
2. Lose social media groups that waste your time and do not add anything to you
3. Lose business partners that are just passengers
4. Lose that job that is leaving your frustrated everyday making you a bitter person
5. Lose your victim attitude that makes you feel like a loser all the time
6. Lose your debts that are making you a prisoner
7. Lose the items in your house that are taking up space that you do not need
8. Lose the beliefs and traditions that you inherited but have no idea where they came from
9. Lose those words that do not build you
10. Lose the clothes that you are not comfortable with.


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