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2 Brain Hacks that Will Change How You Succeed, and Give you More Success in Simple Steps

Your brain is a special tool which is the access point to all the things that you do. Being able to ‘hack” your brain is all about being able to understand how your brain works and then being able to do those things that you are normally afraid to do, will not do or are not aware that you can do. I would not call them mind tricks at all but simply clever ways to access your brains capability. You can read more about your brain structure on how to change it to succeed but in this article we will cover the things you can do to be able to access more.

You are a Program Determined by Arguments

Your don’t decide to breathe it is already set in your program that you must breathe. It is not something that you think about because you are already programmed to breathe, smile, sit, sleep, wake up, think, run, walk, talk, make sounds, imagine, digest, metabolism, blink, sigh, shout, stare and much more. These are things you do not think about they are just programmed in you. A good hack into your brain is simply to program yourself on what you want to do.

A program is a series of steps that are designed to achieve a particular objective. The steps are then set up such that they reach what they need to do. What begins, is the end in mind however the most important thing is that they are steps which have but one objective. Think of the program as a one entity whose only sole purpose is to make something happen, hence it needs no intervention. However, the way we have been functioning is flawed. We set out an objective, we know the series of steps that need to be done but in the middle of implementing the program we accept arguments that either slows us down or stops us. The arguments come in the form of concepts such as fear, doubt, nervousness, loneliness, insecurity, moral decisions and other forms of  interruptions. All these arguments gain power in the presence of ignorance of the need for the program and its usefulness. When we make the wrong objectives it’s because we make them out of ignorance hence arguments then come in which are aligned to the ignorance.

So what is the brain hack in this instance?  The brain hack is being able to identify the arguments and creating a barrier to them affecting your program. When you are able to analyse each argument for its merit you then decide if it is worth disturbing your set program. It is like when breathing in a place that is poisonous, your brain sends you an argument based on knowledge that the place is poisonous, you then reach for a gas mask or you control your breathing in one way or the other. In that case, the set program is interrupted by an argument that you accept. In life as you go about your business you need to assess each argument if it is true or false.

Here is where it gets really interesting, what we call limitations of the mind are just arguments passed into your brain which nullify your set programs. What people call lack are just arguments that have been accepted by your brain as reality which then affect how you function. No one told you that you cannot do domestic tourism, you would have just accepted the arguments in your functionality such that being a domestic tourist seems out of your reach.

Things like fear or doubt are just pieces of information which when you accept them they become a disruption to the natural flow of the program set in your mind. They are a contamination which grows and  deletes or substitute your brain structure for that particular synapse connection. If you want to succeed in life, simply filter your arguments and focus on the objective.

Focus on the Objective like a Robot

This may seem like a cliche but until you understand what the impact is you might not achieve the outcome of what it is intended to achieve. Your imagination is a place of reality, what you see is created and is real. We have made ourselves vulnerable to failure by thinking that our activities in the physical world is the only reality. Reality starts in the mind, the strength of your imagination determines the outcome of this world that you feel and touch. The more you see it in your mind the stronger the program to achieve it. We have invented words which actually describe the strength of our imagination. When we say stuff like “I am Trying”, “I hope I can”, “I will do my best” all we are doing is reinforcing the blur of imagination that we have.

We may not be machines but think of a robot for a while, would it say I am trying to do what my program says I must do? Does a computer program say “I am trying to open a word document” or it opens the document.  This is where  the mind hack is, when you have decided to do, and are confident that it is the truth then you must do what needs to be done. Such words as trying, hoping, striving  and such must therefore not be used in your vocabulary.

The mind hack is the elimination of non absolute words from your vocabulary and use of definite words which enable the implementation of the idea or vision. Don’t say I am trying to be successful, be successful. If you find it difficult to do then think of a computer program, it has definite words, e.g save, save as, delete, open,  and such, and let your function be what it is, live, succeed, celebrate etc.

Your Brain is your Software of Function

Your brain is only as good as you are able to use it. Ignorance is what makes it difficult to fully use it to the best of its ability. The universe is waiting to be used but in the presence of ignorance it becomes a mystery. There are many brain hacks that one can use and these are two of the best that can function for your success.

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