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23 Words of Wisdom to Help you go through the day

  1. Success starts when you show up for the battle
  2. Peace is when you are content
  3. Do what you love in life
  4. Do not waste opportunities when you have the time
  5. Do not cry unless if you feel you have to
  6. A boring person is one who has no idea what they want in life
  7. Only buy clothes which you are comfortable in
  8. If you run at the same speed all the time you will eventually get tired
  9. Strategy is smiling when its necessary and knowing that every day is necessary to smile.
  10. Do not lend what does not belong to you
  11. The person you help today can be your enemy tomorrow so help people and do not expect anything in return
  12. Distance does not make a difference to love but it does change many other things
  13. Complaints do not change the world they just make you more angrier
  14. The person who lives next door to you has the power to kill you its only that they choose not to
  15. If you stay in the same place you will always have the same environment and hear the same things
  16. Limits are there because you see them
  17. Nothing is lost its only misplaced
  18. Just because people talk about something does not mean they know what it is or what it means
  19. Ordinary means yesterday’s forgotten history and extra ordinary means tomorrows inspiration
  20. Be bold but do not be stupid
  21. Being a leader means taking time to open the door for others to enter
  22. The sun never asks for anyone’s opinion to shine
  23. The moon never pretends to be a star

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