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3 steps to organize your life

There is nothing as bad as everything being out of place and not knowing what your life is all about. There are three steps on how you can organize your life without much fuss.

1. Organize your life by knowing what you want

The organization equation is simple,
What + why=How, When and Who
To start with you need to know what it is that you want to do or achieve in life. In the absence of this knowledge it becomes difficult to be organized. When you know the WHAT you must know the why so that you understand the motivation behind whatever it is that you need to achieve. The HOW, the WHEN, and the WHO will be easier to figure out when you now understand what it is that you what to achieve and why you need to do it. Until you can answer this equation you cannot organize yourself.

2. Order your activities according to priorities

For organization to make sense there must be an order. In other words your activities must be done in a sequence that allows for results to be attained. Doing things in a chaotic way will not bring results but will create confusion. So identify what comes first in your life and do these things knowing why you are doing them, knowing how and  when they must be done and by who.

3. Time everything that you do

For everything that you do there is a time to it, after all time is one of the most precious resources that we have. So you need to ensure that you time whatever it is that you are doing in your life. Your life is important and you need to achieve the things that are necessary that make you happy. One of the major reasons for failure in life is not being able to time when one has to have achieved the things they need to in life. Success also has a time limit.

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