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3 Steps to Unlocking your Mind to Achieve Greatness

Let us unlock your mind in three steps that will launch you to greatness. You are great but its just that you have not unlocked your mind to it. Before we go on this trip, you need to reflect a bit and decide what it is that you want to be great in. Think about your life for a moment there is at least one thing that you can be good at in life. To unlock your mind we will need three steps which start as follows

1. Amplify your mind skill from normal to instinct great

Everyone has a skill but greatness is about elevating from normal to great. How then do you unlock your mind in this area? Your mind is a treasure chest full of goodies but you cannot have them all at the same time you must choose one at a time. Think of ten treasure stones that need to be shined to absolute sparkling form. You cannot shine all of them at the same time so you must pick one. Pick the one that you have emotional attachment to so that you shine your stone with utmost passion. Once you have decided on your skill you need to focus on it. There are little mind tricks that you need to do
1. Daily you must think of how to improve that skill
2. Daily you must see that skill in everything you do
3. Daily you must read and investigate new stuff about it
There is no rest for greatness it must be unleashed.
Your mind is one big super highway of thinking stuff which can be lit up, to activate that highway you need to set the highway with the stuff that makes it light up to greatness.
What we are saying is let your skill be as good as your instinct. The more you think and amplify your mind on that skill the more that skill becomes as good as instinct.

2. Practice the perfection out of your skill

You have heard practice makes perfect but here we need to teach you that practice of greatness makes greatness normal. You must reach a stage where your chosen great skill becomes first nature just like breathing. It must become something that you don’t need to think about in order to do. If you think about it, the things that make us human are the things that we don’t need to really think about. Our nature is what makes us great and the great skill that you have is what will make you great. People are nervous about things that are not natural to them. You must make your greatness a natural gift. Practice until your skill becomes natural. Do it daily practically. The more you practice the better you become. Every great orator is brilliant before they step up to the podium. Usain Bolt is fast before he enters the race and Djokovic is already a champion before he competes. Make your greatness natural as you unlock it by practice. This is what practice does for you
1. Creates a super brain highway of perfect nature
2. Makes your skill natural as breathing
3. Keeps your skill as recent as yesterday

3. Put yourself to the test regularly

You are only as good as the test you pass. Every great boxer is only as great as the championship fight they win. No person is called an expert unless if that expertise has been tested somewhere. You need to put yourself to the test whenever you can. If you are a great tennis player then be in the tennis tournaments and keep elevating with the greatest. Unlocking your mind to greatness requires that you stand up to scrutiny, stress and strife. Untill you can stand up to everyone you can never really be great. If your gift is as natural as breathing then when you stand in a crowd you don’t need to ask permission to breathe. The sun does not need permission to shine, it just shines.
Plot your path of tests and live up to them. Don’t settle for secondary be where the best need to be. The more tests your mind passes the more it starts to function in greatness.

You are great its just that you don’t know it. Before you attain any skill there are wonderful things about you that are perfectly constructed. You just need to make yourself great in that skill that you need.

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