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5 Excuses that lead to Failure

There is always an excuse for everything or for not doing what is important that leads to failure. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are falling for the same old excuses which lead us to failure.

1. I am tired

The most important things will always require energy and sometimes not too much energy. So maybe you need to write an article or you need to print an important document for the tomorrow’s presentation. A little slumber and a little folding of the hands can soon lead you to sleep and opportunity will pass you by. When you are tired it is important to pace yourself so that you don’t overdo it. You don’t always need to be moving at 100 miles an hour, even at a slower pace you will still make progress. One small step is a 100% more progress than standing still.

2. Delay

Procrastination is the number one killer of success. Delay is not about not doing anything; it is about doing what is required late. So we say we are tired or we think we are not ready hence we don’t do what needs to be done at that time. Most people miss the boat of success because they are busy doing something else and when they finally get on to it Facebook has already been launched or the product they were thinking about is already in the market. How many times do we hear people remark that they had thought about the idea but when it came to implementation there were just too slow?

3. Support

In life you will not always have the support that you need from people. There will be times when one needs to go at it alone in life. Not every vision will be believed by people. So your bank might not believe you, your friends might think you are crazy yet you might be on your way to create the next Alibaba or the next eBay. All you need is to believe in yourself first and do what you have to.

4. Resources

The easiest excuse that leads to failure is not having enough resources. A lot of people stop on this excuse and never proceed. So you might not have enough capital then borrow, if you are not as skilled as you need to be in order to implement your plans then hire those who can. There is always a way around the lack of resources if we think deep and hard enough. The question is “Are we really interested in finding the solution?”

5. Past Failures

When we have failed in the past we tend to use this as an excuse not to do anything in the present. Instead of thinking of today we spend the day in the past and not moving on. Everyone wants to succeed but only a few can overcome the past failures. We have heard about Thomas Edison and his many moments before the light bulb. We all have our light bulb moment which if we never give up on can lead to our own great success.

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