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5 Life time investments you must make today without fail

Life investments are those financial or non-financial sacrifices that you make over time in order to get a return that will benefit you and your objectives. Investments are made because you are looking for a reward, security and peace of mind. Knowing what to invest in is critical for anyone who wants to get a healthy return. In considering success we have noted down 5 things you need to invest in today without fail if you want to be happy.

1. Your mind

To start with, if you do not invest in the one thing which is the think tank of your very existence then your output will be mediocre. Your mind is like the employees, management and board of directors in a company. No matter how good your resources at your disposal are, if you have the wrong minds the company and in this case your life then that life will go down.

If you are holding a certificate and that education certificate burns, it does not mean that your mind burns, the knowledge remains.The hardest thing for anyone to take away from you is your knowledge. If you are not investing in it you will not succeed today. How do you invest in your mind? Read books that matter, question everything and take everything with a pinch of salt. Fortify your mind so that you are your own person.

2. Vision

I am not saying invest in just planning but rather invest in having  plans that you can refer to consistently. The reason why we fail in life is because we plan but never invest in having a plan. We move around living life as a routine but never make our own plans a routine. What you think of constantly is what you will become, if you do not consider your vision a top priority then your actions will never gravitate towards what it is that you want to achieve. Who you are is a result of the plans that you make and how you live them.

The best of us in society have nothing different except their minds are consistently wired towards their visions and their actions follow.  If you have no short and long term plan today then your tomorrow is  simply the repeat of yesterday.

3. Relationships

We live in an highly interactive world with other human beings. Life on earth is a system and on top of that system is the ability to create value from that system. The real definition of an economy is the level of exchange of value that occurs within a nation between its citizens as they offer each other solutions. An economy is the value of the relationship that exists in the country. In similar terms if your relationships are not providing social, political or economic return then your investments in these relationships are not sound.

Your social value is the average of the people around you, your economic value is the exchange value you get from your contractual relationships. A farmer knows that for maize to grow in a field for a good harvest to occur it must have the right relationships around it which means other maize seed and plants. If there are insects that eat the seed or the maize plant, weeds that use up the soil nutrients then that maize may never truly be the harvest that is needed. This is the same with relationships, some are parasitic in nature, some crowd you from your space and others just choke your abilities. Review and invest in the right relationships today.

4. Giving

A person that does not give does not learn how to get more. Invest in giving, give to charity, give to great causes and give to yourself as well. The more you invest in giving the more you will learn that there is plenty of resources in the world and your character will blossom. If you want to see a person who is frustrated with life, look for a person who never gives. The resources around us are meant to be exchanged in order to get more, when we fail to exchange we hoard and never experience anything greater.

The same can be said for economies around the world, the ones that give the most receive greater value in exchange. They challenge themselves and feel like their are at a higher pedestal simply because they have found the means to give. This might sound like a strange thing to invest in, but the resultant of giving is that it builds not only your capacity by challenging it to have more but it also strengthens your mind to be able to do more. Today you have the ability to give of your time, clothes, food, and even a simple call.

5. Efficiency

Lastly but certainly not the least of the five, invest in efficiency. What does this mean? It means have the best of what you can own and what you can provide or what you can service. Do not go for cheap, shortcuts and lazy; but rather go for fast, reliable and progressive. This just does not apply in your personal life but also applies in business, social relationships and much more. Our world system does not wait for anyone, things move even when you are sleeping, so if you want to get the best out of it, go for the best and be the best of who you want to be.

The number one resource in life is time and how we use it defines how far we go  with regards to success. If you are not efficient with it what you do in one hour someone will do in ten minutes and have more time to achieve greater things. Efficiency is the reason why some people can own manufacturing plants and some home based creations. If you want to dominate a domain you must be efficient not only in production but also in consumption.


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