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5 Secrets to Genius thinking

It’s not knowing things that makes a genius but its the secret of thinking in a specific way. When presented with a challenge how you think makes all the difference on how successful you will be. Most people wait for someone to find them solutions which in all fairness is not fair. If you want to enter genius level there are a few thinking strategies that you must be aware of.

1. Simulation and try it out

Every genius constructed a world in their minds before they found their solutions. For people to discover cures and space theories they had to be able to simulate the ongoings of the world. There are two worlds in life, there is the world that you see and there is the world in your mind.
The world in your mind is the best for solving problems because it is there that you can solve any world problem.
Think of any building or business, someone had to simulate it in their mind, that is construct it to their minds details before it even came to physical existence. Simulation allows the genius to try a solution a thousand times before settling for any specific trials for the visible world.
A genius who has no imagination is not a genius. It’s the imagination that separates us. Once our imagination is active then we can start to solve problems.

2. Find the objective and map it to the problem

Mapping is one of they most critical thinking techniques for genius level. Being able to map the objective and equate it to the problem. Until you know the objective don’t bother with thinking about the solution. If you focus on the solution you will solve a different problem. The genius identifies the problem for what it really is and maps it to the objective.

The problem must be defined adequately hence there must be a problem statement. Until you get the problem statement right the problem will continue to be a problem. If you say the problem is that I don’t have money that is meaningless, it is not the problem it is a symptom of another problem which might be the real problem. The actual problem could be that you don’t have a source for earning adequate money at the end of each month which covers your expenses.

3. Quantify and qualify everything

Until you can quantify something then no solution will work. We live in a mathematical world, saying I need money for a business means nothing. It is so general such that as a principle it sounds good but as a solution it has no merit.

A person can say we need world peace and that they are fighting for world peace, this means absolutely zero. Nothing can be solved which is not quantified and qualified. If you want to solve world peace, you must state the problem in numbers, so that you identify the solution for it in numbers. World peace remains elusive because the problem is so vague no one can quantify it enough to solve it.
Quantification and qualification must obey the laws of solutions.

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There must be resources and time known to all the problem solving efforts.

4. Always identifies the critical parameters

Most people fail because they don’t know what are the critical elements, these elements are not secret you just have to find them and normally the mapped problem statement tells you what is needed. So a person can decide to travel to a foreign country but only discovers at the border that they need a visa. You must never solve any problem without the critical elements in mind. These are the determinants of your solution. The most critical of the critical elements is the trigger.
For anything that exists there is a trigger that makes the existence possible. If you have no trigger then you have no solution. The trigger must be the right trigger otherwise you will waste time trying to solve the wrong choice of a trigger.
Put all your parameters in place and as you solve the problem start with a checklist and work through it putting all things in place.

5.  Your foundation for everything is time

For any thinking that will occur always know that there is a time element, any problem that you want to solve that does not have a time element is not a problem. Time is the ultimate control factor, it is the secret to solving problems few people understand this secret. If you solve for time then your plan will make sense. Real life problems are time based that is their basis for existence, class syllabus problems are just logic based.
If your problem is that you have no money to go to a country of your dreams your time element is  when do you need to go. If there is no when, that is the time, then its a perpetual wish that does not need a solution. When you identify the time base then it becomes easier to solve the means and the methods for your journey. Not having something to eat is a base of time, why you don’t have something to eat is because at the time you could have created the capacity to have something to eat you did something else hence for you to have something to eat you need to identify the time base for which you need to create the capacity.
No problem exists in the absence of time.  Whatever solution you think up must identify windows of time and be able to exploit these.

These are five Secrets and practices which if you can master you will be well on your way to Genius.

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