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5 Steps to Get Ahead in Life

Sometimes life feels like a race in which we are forever racing. In our careers, family and society in general it always seems like a race that never ends. We all want to be successful of which success may have different meanings in life to each of us. Getting ahead in life requires a few things which when one masters these it becomes easier with time. The only problem comes when we don’t know what we want and how to get what we really want in life. When we are not sure we tend to slack off, relax and never really strive for anything different. If you know what you want then these steps will become easier to implement.


Step 1: Wake Up Early

The early bird catches the worm so to speak. When you do things in advance you give yourself time to discover the following;

  • Testing the potential problems that could rise
  • Mastering the requirements
  • Getting more time to implement changes of corrections
  • Gaining confidence

The earlier that you do what you need to the more settled you will be in your endeavors. If you get to your job early you can learn new things before everyone else comes in. There are so many things that you can learn or do. You could plan before everyone comes in, you could write a book for yourself, you could write a blog entry for the day. These are all things which when you do them everyone else will not do because by the time they come into the office they are trying to keep up with the needs of the day. Nothing beats planning in advance, it gives you more confidence on what you need to achieve.

Step 2: Take Opportunities to do new things

Most of the time you will hear people say “It is not my job”, or “I just don’t have the time”. You need to stay away from such statements if you are going to get ahead in life. The more exposure you get then the greater the possibility of getting ahead in life. Money is made by people who learn what the solutions for business are and you can only get solutions when you learn new things. Try to make time for opportunities as this is great exposure, but never let your current status or tasks suffer because you are doing another person’s work.

Some opportunities can be windows or doors to new things for examples

  • Opportunity to speak to a crowd: it may seem daunting but if you learn how to speak to crowds you never know just how far you will go. Sooner than later people will notice you and start referring the best of what they could do to you because they might assume that from your speaking to crowds you have a certain level of authority or experience
  • Opportunity to do a new task: Sometimes you may be required to try something new like changing a tire, or just checking your car oil, it seems small but it creates a new habit of independence and courage. Being able to do new things like creating a report for your boss will give you a new experience.

There are so many opportunities that can arise that we need to be able to take advantage of.

This step is explained more in the book “The Five Principles of Programmed Success”. You can buy the book here


Step 3: Be organized

This is critical if you are going to be able to do things early or to take up new opportunities. There are many ways to get organized such as business apps for the business person or any individual who just wants to get a grip on life. So oneĀ  might need a diary or calendar, but whatever it is, organization is very important. A truly organized person can do the same work that an average person will do in half the time. It is like writing a report, if you just jump into it, you might spend the whole day trying to come up with the right presentation, but if you first understand the structure and the key concepts you will probably do it faster than everyone else.

Step 4: Set and Improve on your Standards

I cannot stress just how important standard is. It is what what gives you an idea on what you are doing whether it is in the right direction or not. Standard may mean;

  • Timing yourself on how long it takes to complete a specific task (s)
  • The amount of money you need to spend to achieve your targets
  • The time it takes to get to your routine places

There are so many methodologies that insist on creating standards and improving on them. This is because it is so important to do things in the right time and the right way. Efficiency and effectiveness is critical in getting ahead. A person who accomplishes a task correctly the first time will get ahead faster than a person who needs to do the same task two or three times before they master it.

Step 5: Do some extra time or overtime

If you are going to get ahead there will be a time when you need to put in a bit more clock hours than everyone else. Waking up early and putting in more time is what discourages most people from getting ahead. Waking up early and putting in more time is a way to create more opportunity to do even more things. So a person who has 8 hours in day rushes home whilst the one who stretches to 12 hours can write a top selling book in those extra 4 hours. There will always be time for sleeping early and waking up late. However when you want to get ahead you need to do the things that other people are not willing to do and step 5 is one sure way to accomplish that.

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