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5 Ways that Your Mind influences Reality to Attract Success or Failure

It is not by coincidence that you are where you are or who you are, you have had a big hand in being what you are. The different laws that have been in effect also do include the Law of Attraction however not understanding or understanding your mind has played a big part. Your reality is a function of your mind and it creates success or failure. How you see things and how your mind functions can be the catalyst for success or failure, hence in this article we need to explore how your mind influences reality.

1. Your reality is a result of your perception hence your reaction

How you perceive the world has created how you react to the physical realm around you. What you have understood so far has led you to act in specific ways. For example if you believe that a spider will kill you, you will scream in horror in reaction to that spider, which influences your emotions at that very moment, influencing your space which in turn influences how you react within your environment. In most cases we are busy creating different realities which are a mirror image of what your mind is like.

Every aspect of your life has a formed perception that you have structured your brain to accept or understand.

2. There are no limitations but your mind has created them

In truth your brain is an amazing technology which allows you to form different visualizations of life such that you can then control what you do or do not do.Think of your brain as a whiteboard where you can write anything that you want. Your mind is the writer of that whiteboard. You decide which colors you will use, the shade of color, the type of handwriting, the language you will use, the symbols you will put, and the shapes that you can draw. All this is you deciding what you will write on the white board. No one told you any rules, you made them up but the whiteboard simply says you can write anything you want. We are the ones that then put limitations to what we can draw and what we use to draw. Our experiences, and perceptions become the limiting factor of what the brain can be structured for. The brain’s ability to create new structures has no end we are the ones that create the end.

3. Your reality is energy that your mind is willing to manipulate

Everything around you is made of energy and so are you. You are connected to all the energy around you because you are made of the same substance but we choose to see separations. Your reality is simply what your mind is willing to manipulate in order to manifest. The big word is manipulate which can be substituted by belief. What you believe you can do becomes what you are willing to manipulate. Your reality is therefore the substance of the energy that you are willing to manipulate and use. If your mind can form a visual connection to what it is that you want to influence in your reality then so will it be. A small seed can generate into a tree if you are able to see it. Many words are used to describe this capability, and words that come to mind are FAITH, LAW OF ATTRACTION AND POWER OF BELIEF.

The power of your mind to influence reality rests in the ability to visualize and connect to that which you want to see happening, all energy is connected.

4. Success or Failure is the fulfillment of the Mind’s Blue Print

Success or failure is the exact mirror of what your mind has planned. If your mind fails to plan appropriately, hence does not use the right level of imagination and the right level of motivation to create the energy connection that you need, then you will surely fail. When one says I have succeeded all that they are saying is that they saw what they believed in their mind and managed to implement it without any reservations. When we say we have failed it also means that we were unable to connect with what our minds to the reality that we need, hence the failure to influence reality to the success that we need.

5. Reality is in You, the Kingdom is in You, the Universe is in You

The true power of your reality is that reality is in you. Everything that you see is someone’s mind. The building that  you see was built by someone who had the blue print in their imagination, the cars, the technology, the jobs, the laptops, the internet and anything that you can think of. Here is the big secret that many people might never understand, “WHAT WE CALL REALITY IS THE PHYSICAL REALM WHICH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF HOW OUR MINDS CONNECT TO EACH OTHER.” In other words reality is a realm in which we are able to see each others imagination and hence each others minds. This would mean that there are different realms, in one realm is the mind’s imagination which is a reality unto itself and on another realm is the physical reality which is the manifestation of the mind’s reality. If you are sitting on a chair right now you are actually siting in someone else’s realm/mind/imagination. Reality is the output of the mind, think of reality as the playground or construction site, and the world system as you interact with it.

Your Conclusion

If you want to influence reality then first start with your mind and set your mind in the right dimension.It is not about what you possess and your muscle power, it is about understanding the substance of reality. Reality is a substance of beliefs, a realm of imagination which has been translated into a physical form. Your mind is the driver of reality until you understand that reality is what you make it, you might never influence it the way it should be influenced. If you don’t understand where you stand you might never stand anywhere and you will stand in someone else’s reality.

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