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5 Ways to keep chasing your dreams when no one else understands

No one sees what you see or understand how you feel all the time, so to expect everyone or someone to run with your vision is not always applicable. The greats of this world, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther , Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Madame Curie, and George Washington all had to find a way to keep chasing their dreams when no one else understood. Providing that your idea is a noble idea then you have the right to keep chasing it.

1. Define your Idea on a set of principles

Principles sit deep in your heart and are your possession to do as you like and principles can only survive for as long as you can. The great men and women of old had to find ways to keep going when everyone else said it was impossible. The same can be said of anyone who has a dream and wants to chase it until they succeed, principles are required. A principle is a value set that you believe in that is deep in you such that it forms the very core or foundation of what you believe in. Starting a business as big as Facebook requires that you have a certain level of principles that enable you to keep going when everyone says stop. If Bill Gates says a computer in every household or home there is principle behind it or Johnson and Johnson define their business behind a set of values which are defined clearly as to what they want to achieve. When there is no principle grounding your dreams it is very hard to keep chasing your dreams.

2. Eliminate the idea of dependence

When you think that you will only succeed because of someone or something, you give up your idea to chance. Now chance always occurs, but when it does it is not always on time, you have to be the first determinant of your ideas. Your dreams are your dreams no one else dreamt them, so to believe that you need the support of other people to make it is not advised, eliminate the idea of dependence. When you wait for everyone to accept the way you see things time will pass and you will lose the opportunity that you had to make things work. Whilst others are still trying to understand you have to keep chasing the dream when they do understand they are welcome to join but their participation does not determine your progress in the chase. So one who believes in their dream will choose to test the airplane machine like the Wright brothers and not wait to be widely accepted, they will challenge themselves like a Thomas Edison to never give up on an idea even if it seems ridiculous.

3. Don’t stop dreaming

Ideas are born out of dreams and until they become real they need the power of dreams to sustain them. To stop dreaming before the idea becomes real is like taking fuel out of the idea. The dream is the fuel that every idea needs. There is a time for everything, at night dream your idea but during the day implement the idea. You are the maker of your dream and you have to keep focused in order to keep chasing the dream. Many people have a dream and then they stop dreaming it, in other words they think it but they let it die by not thinking about it regularly. A true visionary eats and sleep with their idea in mind. They see it everywhere they go and they keep reminding themselves that they can and that they will. Until you do that, then your dream will suffer failure. The more you think about your goal or objective the more real it will become and the better the planning that will be involved. If something is good then there is no such thing as too much meditation.

4. Implement and keep doing

You can never achieve your dream unless if you implement it. One step forward is a 100% more progress than standing still for any dream. You have to keep implementing, even if it means that today you move one single step, it is better than if you were standing still. No one can overtake failure by standing still, you must keep moving. You are the guardian of your dreams and you actions will determine the safety of that dream in the coming time. You must implement and keep doing. It is always up to you to keep moving. Dreams are a great inspiration but evidence is a greater inspiration, you must implement. When we see it in our minds we believe it but when we touch the evidence we are convicted that it must be true. When you believe in something then it is highly recommended that you implement whatever it is that you can about what you believe. You are your dream keeper and your actions are your dream catcher.

5. Cheer your self

keep running
Keep moving even if there are no supporters it’s your dream

Sometime we expect that people will stand along the road cheering us on as we race on our path to our dreams, unfortunately that is not always the case as we have to keep moving on our own. The picture of hundreds or thousands of supporters on the wayside cheering us on as we embark on the great race that will bring joy to everyone will not always be the case, the reality is that cheering supporters will only appear when you at the finish line or the podium and they will tell you stories on how you ran the race yet they were never there to see you run. When chasing your dreams, don’t look for supporters on the way side, keep running and cheering yourself. Victory will eventually come; you just need to keep believing that you can.

It is never easy making one’s dream a reality, it takes patience and focus. If you stand still and hope that one day things will change to your favor this may never happen. You have to keep running even through the tears. Life will not make sense but if you have the gift of a vision then write it down, make it plan and chase that dream until it works out.

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