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7 Me Syndromes that lead to poverty mentality

Life is based on how we think, as noted in the book “as man thinketh so is he”. We project our patterns of thinking onto how we behave and consequently what we own. Our thinking patterns can lead us into opportunities or exclude us from possible enrichment.We are all equal but we don’t think in an equal way as shown by our different behaviors and reactions to different situations.

1. It is not for me

We base our opportunities according to where we stand in terms of skill of availability. Sometimes opportunity has nothing do with our skills but is more about our willingness to do what is needed. Hence when presented with  chance to do something new which will result in significant wealth we tend to reason it out that it is not for us but for someone else.

2. It is too late for me

The thinking that it is always too late for us is a common pattern of thinking which leads to us missing the bus of opportunity. We tend to forget that opportunity is for everyone, it does not discriminate. It is never too late, there is always a chance when it comes to opportunity.

3. It is about me

It is never too late to bloom into an opportunity

Instead of recognizing that opportunity can come through other people or working with other people we might think that it is all about me and no one else. So I have to be the one that thinks of all the ideas and be the one that run with the idea at all times is a wrong attitude.

4. It hurts me too much

There will always be pain and time to cry but if opportunity comes sometimes we have to put aside the pain. Everyone hurts but  sometimes opportunity comes in windows that close at particular times. Letting an opportunity go because of the hurt can be a mistake one is not able to recover from. Sometimes you have to keep moving through the tears.

5. It is never me

If there is an attitude that it is never me, it is like dismissing oneself from the possibilities that exist in life. Walking around with that type of thinking means that when opportunities come we automatically discount ourselves from the race that it is never for me. It rains on all people, life never discriminates, chance happens to all people.

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6. It will be me next time

distant future
Don’t let your opportunity be so futuristic you cannot reach it

Although being positive, there is an element if discounting oneself from the race in the present and not standing up to it. The future is always there but give the present its fighting chance. It will be me next time sounds noble but why can it not be you right now?

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7. It is always me

“It is always me who gets the end side of the spoon and everyone else gets the good side of it. I always get the raw deal of the opportunity.” Thinking of yourself as the victim for all things that go wrong will quickly make you into a victim for missing all opportunities but becoming a receiving point for bad opportunities.


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