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7 Survival tips with a warrior’s instinct

The wild or jungle simply got dressed up with cement, highways and modern obstacles but the need for survival is still the same. There is not much difference between the jungle of old and the jungle of today. The punishment for not surviving is still the same only dressed up in different words. It’s still survival of the fittest which is why people can walk past a homeless person without a heart beat change because they feel like better survivors. The punishment of failing to survive includes joblessness, poverty, death, demotions and other things. So, how do you survive the jungle or wild, there are a few tips for you.

1. Always carry a weapon

Before modernisation one had to carry a spear, bow and arrow or club or anything that they could use. In today’s world you must carry a certificate of some sort or any type of learned skill which you can use to attack or defend your yourself. There are many enemies in the world, anyone can kill you. There is inflation, there are diseases, bills and expenses which if you don’t have the right weapons you could lose the survival game.

2.  Be still but deadly

Too much noise can get you killed, don’t over say what you bring to the world it can be used against you. Volunteering information is like a warrior who goes to fight a lion but carries a heavy bag of meat. If you talk too much in life it might just be used against you. Keep a light load of words and stick to the point if you say too much you might get killed.

3. Choose your paths wisely

In the jungle some paths are full of snares or ambushes. It may seem safe but just when you are getting comfortable you might just get killed. Don’t just use any route in life be careful, choose wisely. The modern jungle is ruthless one wrong career turn can result in a life time of pain that you cannot easily reverse.

4. Protect your spoils

If you have made a kill, you still need to survive, the wild is full of scavengers and enemies. You might have won a battle but there is always someone looking to get what you have earned. It could be your job, your business or your assets. The jungle is ruthless. It has no favourites, it operates by one law, survival of the fittest. You have to be ready at any time to defend your riches or earnings. Don’t sit back and entrust them to someone, keep interested.

5. Be slow and quick

Every warrior knows they just can’t rush into the wild or into a battle. You must assess and when you are sure you must be quick or someone else will take advantage. Be slow to judge but be quick to act. Not acting quickly can get you killed. Survival is not for the faint hearted it is for the warrior who is prepared.

6. Have an escape route

In the wild you will need to retreat, so find a path that you can use. Don’t just focus on going forward sometimes you need to retreat in order to go forward. So as you go up the business world have a retreat product, have a cash cow for fall back. In life don’t just head on to glory, be vigilant and wise.

7. Put some face paint

Appearances is perception as well. How you appear will give the enemy an idea of how to treat you.  Choose your face paint wisely. Think of a person who goes to business meeting with uncombed hair, or a girl that appears in a beauty pageant with plain hair, the jungle is a dangerous place so put some face paint.

Survival of the fittest is not a light thing, life is just a modern jungle. Decide to survive today.

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