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7 Truths that Prove that You are the Average of the People you Hang out with

If you really want to know who you are, look at your friends and look at who you aspire to be. Somewhere in between is the exact reflection of who you are and what you can ever be. Birds of the same feather need each other to stay in the same flight. There is always strength in numbers but sometimes the numbers maybe zeros. You need to know who you are and the mirror will give you an indication.Why do we say you are the average of the people you hang with?

1. Conversations Program You

You are what you speak, and the conversations that you have are what you will become. Think of the conversations that you have with your friends daily. Are you always talking about nonsense, or productive things, if it is nonsense you will probably spend your time thinking about that nonsense and just doing things for the sake of doing things. The more you and the people around you talk about the same things the more those things become more real to you.

2. Your Wealth is the Average of All of You

Look at your friends and see what they own, are they billionaires or thousand dollar savers, are they business owners or successful career people? Whatever your friends are or the closest people are to you, that is what you will be. Their spending habits and their saving habits will become you. You will learn from them and they will learn from you. Your ambitions will only be as good as their ambitions. We are social creatures and we rub on to each other with regards to what we are aiming to achieve.

3. Energy is Shared

You might not get it as yet but the energy around you is shared. We are all connected in one way or the other, the people you hang out with are the same as you in the energy aspect. When they are always speaking negatively that energy will be shared between you. If they are always happy then you will also be happy. Watch who you hang out with, their energy might just be what has been holding you up or down. Think of your friends, who makes you happy and who brings you down.

4. Objectives are the Average of You

When  you are with your friends, what you aspire to be in life is normally controlled by what your colleagues or friends are aspiring to be. You might be in a work place where everyone is getting a loan, you will get one as well either due to silent peer pressure or loud peer pressure. You might be building a house, others will be inspired to build as well. If your siblings do not have much ambition this will be you as well. Sometimes we fail to set big objectives because we feel our objectives will be out of place in alignment with what others are. It becomes a scenario of how can you think of such big things when everyone is doing such regular things.

5. Exposure Rubs Off

I have seen small or large communities where everyone pulls each other up or down such that their exposure is limited or plenty. Exposure is key to success, either through reading, what you read, what you see, what you hear and certainly what you take part in. The more exposure you get the more you are likely to experiment on new things. However if the  exposure is low then your success will be low as well. Think about it, what are your friends exposed to, this is what you are also exposed to. The way they let you dream, encourage you or discourage is based on what their exposure is.

6. Inner Emotions to Inner Strength

If your friends cry about politics, this is what you will cry about, if they are ecstatic about royal weddings, this is what you will be ecstatic about, hence as time goes your emotions and inner strength are built around what you and your friends emotions major in. Emotions can be fuel to succeed or fuel to fail. Your inner strength is the average of the emotions that your go through. If you are always a victim then this is the basis of your strength. If your friends are emotional baskets you will spend more time sharing each others energy. We sometimes need emotional cheer leaders and if our friends are not strong enough to be there because they are always worrying about themselves, then well we will become an average of what they do with us.

7. Visions of Life

Your fears and perceptions are the reflection of your friends common goals, hence they will impact how you see life. The colors that you see are as a result of your socialization, however the color of vision is the impact of your friends vision as well. Your whole perception of life is influenced by all the above 6 things, hence you are not the sum of these things but the average of things.

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