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A Function of Thought: How to Raise Your Vibration Above Normal

Your mind is the key to many things, chief of which it is the point by which we can raise our consciousness to new levels and vibrate at a higher level. Who you are is a function of thought and they are different ways that you can raise your vibration to a higher level. There are four categories of consideration for a higher vibration.

1.What you Consume

What you consume comes in two forms , the physical as well as the spiritual. By spiritual we define this as “The intangible knowledge that connects us to function”.

Physical Consumption

The earth is driven by water and the sun. The sun provides the necessary energy to create chemical process which turn and keep the whole world going. The rain, the growth of plants, the existence of clouds, and much more are all resultant from the impact of the energy of the sun. In other words all things on earth are powered by energy and hence are made up of energy. The sun is the engine of out planet, just enough of its power gives energy and the motion of the energy. It then follows that the inhabitants of the earth are catalyzed into existence by the sun’s energy and hence are energy itself. In order for us to exist we thus need energy because we are energy. “Be patient we are linking the two”.

Water on the other hand is the hydraulic force, the lubrication and the balance of the earth. Planet earth is actual a water planet, it is the most dominant feature about the earth. Humans are +75% made up of water and so is the planet. The surface of the earth is covered by water and so is the atmosphere. Water is the judge and the jury, think of the oceans, the hurricanes, the cyclones and much more. Any part of the earth that lacks water dies and any part that struggles to have water, struggles to optimize life.

On the physical side what we are is the result of what we consume. If we are not consuming food made within the combination of water and the sun we don’t optimize what our bodies can be. Good blood flow is nourishment for the brain and hence eventually the quality of our consciousness here on earth in the biological form.

Life is the transmutation of energy

Spiritual Consumption

We are the function of thought and hence how we shape those thoughts is a result of what we consume as knowledge. Whatever it is that you have ever studied, interacted with and experienced is a form of knowledge consumption. Our belief system is the foundation of reference for our actions, and it is strengthened by what we experience.

Religion is a form of knowledge which enforces guidelines that we exist with for a moral or ethical existence. Laws are also form of knowledge which enforces guidelines that we exist with for a moral or ethical existence. Our education, entertainment, studies, and anything else you can think of that creates concepts in our minds actually is a spiritual consumption which determines our thoughts.

Watching what you feed your mind is critical in determining what level of vibration you will have. If all you feed your mind is restriction and negativity then that is the output which you will get.

2. The Environment

The universal laws state that we are all one, we are all energy and that we are all connected. The people, geography, buildings, and the situations you surround yourself with have a big impact on your thoughts.

Who you associate with passes energy to you or absorbs energy from you. You are always the average of the people you associate with. The words around you when taken to heart can have a direct impact on what you think and how you eventually vibrate.

What you see daily and what you hear can form thoughts of encouragement or discouragement. A negative scenery can quickly affect your imagination and hence affect your thought process.

Your environment emits energy daily, some are radioactive environments and some simply vibration that is in tune with your mind. A simple example is music; when too loud it can cause irritation or even hearing damage, but when the right tempo is played it can uplift and inspire. The law of transmutation of energy is always at play with your environment. Do not surround yourself with the wrong influences, you will soon be the average of your environment because you are trying to fit it.

3. Your Actions

What you do is a daily investment of what you will become. Your thoughts are formed not only before an action but after an action. What your think before an actions forms the foundation of the output of your actions but what you do creates the reinforcement of old and new thoughts.

The words that you speak are part of your actions. When yous say negative things all the time you are reinforcing an internal environment which can result in your not focusing on real existence. Your vibration is constructed by what you do as much as what is around you and in you.

When you fail to act out of fear or any other negative emotion you simply delay or negate the vibration build up that you should do. The universal law of action spells this loudly, if you want to succeed then one step is 100% better than no movement at all. Vibration is motion, and action is the catalyst to motion. The absence of action is the absence of vibration.

4. Your thoughts

Meditation is the gateway to energy concentration

Finally, your thoughts are the code of life, they form the resultant that is you. What you think determines what you become and who you relate to.

Your thoughts are a form of wave energy and by all means the properties of energy still apply. At the right frequency energy attracts other forms of energy, it is law. Success is a vibration at a specific level and so is sickness. Our thoughts are the masters of who we are and they determine how we develop.


Energy creates motion and has a level of attraction. The reasons why water forms is because the frequency of Hydrogen and Oxygen have the right motion to induce the correct formation of water (in layman’s terms.) All that is matter is a coalition of vibration of particles which have a similar frequency level.

Everything around you responds to energy no matter what frequency it is on. The impact that you have on life for yourself is about the frequency that your thoughts can generate.


Similar to the law of attraction, thoughts have the power to repulse other forms of energy frequency.Negative people can easily repulse positive people who are sensitive to that energy. Your thoughts can either attract or repulse situations or other people.


Your imagination builds internally but your thoughts can build externally. If you focus on the right things and concentrate on what needs to be done you will find it easier to construct the life you want. Your thoughts are the building blocks of your circumstances. Your thoughts are energy and energy can construct. Think of the sun, the sun is the central source of energy which when applied to planet earth results in the chemical reaction of other energy matter thereby forming life and other processes. Similarly your thoughts are as the sun, when concentrated right they become like the sun.


For you to reach a vibration level of creation such as the sun example you need to become a concentration of energy. How you think and what your mind is composed of determines the level of concentration that your energy is. The reason why we never really achieve what we need to is because our thoughts are diluted. We spend most of of time between headlines, entertainment and more distractions of the kind.

The state of your inner world will decide the level of energy you will emit thereby making a difference in the the environment that you are in.

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