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Are You too Busy to Succeed?

Who you are is a result of what you do. What you do can determine your success with regards to the quality of the things that you do. There is a level of comfort that can make a person so busy with their everyday routines that they never step out to try and be more than what is subscribed to them by their careers or their situations.

The question comes in many forms, are you always busy or are you too busy to succeed. There is nothing wrong in being busy but what then becomes an issue is when one is unable to really see where they are going and their lives are being determined by someone else’s expectations. Is your life a subscription or are you creating life to be a subscription of you?

Dealing with Work Busy

Going to work is a good thing as one is able to get some form of income and create networks where possible. What you then do with the income is where the difference then comes in. You might be doing 9-5 or  whatever time it is that you do such that you never seem to have time for anything else, but the question then must be answered, what is the value of the income that you are receiving translating into. Are you investing into the future or are you working for 20 years to build someone else’s empire? When you go home, do you have your favorite channels to watch, do you have your own laptop, your own comfortable chair, are you learning new things etc.

Your income from work must mean something to you at the end. You might be very busy and so busy that you never have time to actually enhance yourself.

Your boss might as well tell you that “If you work very hard this year , he will be able to buy a yacht this year”. What are you planning to get for yourself? Never let your hard work go to waste, if the income is correct for you then ensure that you are able to get something out of it.

Going against the Busy Tide

There is busy which is such a routine that you never see that you are wasting your time. This is the kind of busy where you are stuck doing the same old thing but you are not growing and neither are you building anything note worthy for yourself. When stuck in this “busy” you need to reflect and see what needs to change. What is is that you want to achieve that makes sense to you? Where are you going? Are you moving in the right direction or just accompanying someone else?

Sometimes you need to make a bold decision and say no to being busy for the wrong things and change your life. It might mean changing jobs so that you earn the right income, get a new business, start doing the right things in your spare time, say no to friends or relatives, and simply stop being busy with things that have no value to you. There is nothing wrong in making yourself available for events or ceremonies once in a while, but when it becomes so frequent it eats up your time and your money such that you never have time to invest in yourself, then you are working on useless busy.

Go against the tide of routine and stop being useless busy, find things that add value to you which you can be proud of .

Appearing Busy

Being busy for the sake of being busy impresses everyone but never impresses your wallet. You can look very busy all you want but if it has no impact on your wallet it is just a show. Many people are in a show where they are trying to fit in or look like they belong. Some of these people are in high positions of CEOs, Executive Management and such but when the show ends or the employment terminates they discover that they were living on borrowed time as their savings or investments amount to nothing. They depend on the company to pay for their school fees, their housing, their cars and more but never really have capacity to meet their own responsibility.

How many times have we heard of musicians who have been declared bankrupt or actors who all long were acting rich but when the show ended they had no real savings or investments? If you are going to be making money, then let no your money be a show but let it become an investment. There is no point in earning millions but owing more millions. Don’t rise beyond your earnings capacity and become a liability.

Be busy where it matters ensure the matters are valuable to you.




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