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Discovering who you are like an exciting mystery case file

Your identity has disappeared and you need to unravel the mystery as soon as possible or else there will be consequences for your identity. Who are you really? How did you find yourself here on this planet? Mystery case file opened.

1.     Prime Suspects

Looking at you who would be your prime suspect in stealing your identity, I could put it to you that there are several suspects whom you may need to consider before looking at yourself;

  • Media influence: over the years you have been highly influenced by the media such that in the course of time it is possible that you lost who you are
  • Friends: your friends are important and it is possible that they have created inspiration for how you are now
  • Family: perhaps this should be your prime suspect as they have been responsible for taking care of you at some point
  • Yourself: how can we rule out the possibility that you could be the major culprit for losing yourself

There could be other suspects in this mystery, it could be the earth itself for being what it is, it could be a stranger who can steal your identity but for now we shall stick to these four.

2.     Short puzzle of life

Which part of your life fits where? Can you pick them all out or are some not supposed to be there

If you were to piece your life together how would reconstruct it. Think of the things in your life today. Perhaps you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe you have kids, you might be a business person and so much more. The question is what fits where in who you are. Obviously as you put the puzzle together you are a sum of these things, but how do thee things fit to making you who you are. What comes first, your family, your career, your education, your football game, your cooking, your Whatsapp group, your hobbies, your beliefs, can the puzzle really be pieced together again. If your identity is the sum of the different things around you then any good puzzle is only as good as solved as where the pieces actually fit.

Do you know where the pieces of the puzzle actually fit?

3.     Hidden objects

There are obviously certain things about you that are just not easy to detect unless revealed. These hidden objects could be anything from secret affairs, desires, secret assets and more secrets. If these are put into perspective will they truly reveal who you are and what you are? Your case file probably has a lot of things which are hidden that most people are not aware of.

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4.     Obstacles make an intriguing case

I am sure that you have faced many different obstacles in life. Some seemed like they were the end of you but here you are still able to read this article from www.unlockedsuccess.com. Does that mean that you are more than the appearance of obstacles or can I say that you are partly molded into who you are by the obstacles that you overcome. It is an intriguing question because if obstacles mould you then you should be appreciative of them and meet them head on.

5.     The prize of your life

What you hold dear to is important; it is the gem of your life that you think is worth your time. Think of your current goals and aspirations, are they what define you? Can you say that the objectives in your life are the reasons for you being live or are they just things you have come to objectify and give yourself a reason to live?

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