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Do You, Don’t wait to be classified

Tags and labels are how society has organised everything else to make sense or to control what is around us. When you think of who you are what labels come to mind? Entrepreneur, lady, boy, doctor, lawyer and more are all different labels that we can assume as human beings. Labels can be so strong that we forget what we can be and become what we are labelled. Imagine that a person can grow up believing that they cannot venture out into the world or become successful. Labels such as black, African, or poverty can be such a yoke on our shoulders we do not see a way out.  You might want to step out into the world to start new things but there is always that label that is pointing at you such that you are not really free to express yourself.

Pride and Shame

Most people are defeated before they do anything and in reality we are defeated by ourselves. We can be so proud of our labels we wear them like a “gold chain” of achievement or a marker of justification for what we do. It can be seen in certain societies that a person can justify their temper by consistently pointing out to their lineage as being the expected behavior. You will constantly hear, “We are do not take that where we come from”, yet where they come from is just another place where they can be so much more.

Life is a choice and we choose daily what we do, how we react, whilst in all this, we can be programmed by our preferences. In other societies, a whole village can be classified as being a lower form of existence such that they do not deserve to be given a chance. As a result a person coming from that village creates their own self full-filling prophecies in which they truly believe that they will never amount to anything. Constantly that person waits for a savior to tell them what to do and who to become, but on their own they never have the strength to stand, so they believe.

Nature vs Nurture

By nature’s rules everything is available to everyone, every resource is before us, whether you are morally classified as good or evil. Life can be the survival of the fittest and not by classification of entitlement. When a label is against you the shortcut outcome is normally being entitled out of a resource. This is why poverty then becomes consistent in society. Nature makes all things available, and throws a challenge to the most determined to get what is available. Nurture creates classification for which some are entitled and some are not entitled, which by all means is an illusion of deception for societal order.

By Nature, oxygen is there for all, by nurture determination of qualification is given a prerequisite. Survival of the fittest is a misnomer created by the illusion that there are not enough resources, the earth has always had enough. Money is a measure of differentiation however though being an instrument for creating order it gives the impression that there is not enough resources. By nurture when not guided appropriately we can live our lives with the label that “money is not for us”. In all intent we have tended to focus our effort into obtaining money as this has become the believed standard of how to access a good life, yet it is perfectly possible to own land, farm land, and have water; ultimately living a satisfactory life.

Do You

In all basic scientific terms if we were to consider what we are, we are energy, which according to Einstein’s equation (E=mc2), we have the potential for nuclear proportions. Every particle that we are, can be pointed to success, with all the energy that we have. Until we learn to focus on what we want we will spend life focusing on what others want.

Our minds are known to possess outstanding intellectual capacity to be more than rudimentary pawns in society. What we can be is a potential of seismic proportions limited only by choice. Our mental states can be guided to believe in infinity of choices and possibilities. We can be liberated from believing in a ceiling to seeing an open sky in an expanding universe. The universe is a place of creativity and potential. Energy is not time and time is not energy, however energy is possibility whilst time is a measure of possibility.

What we can achieve should not be tied down to what others believe in their domains. Our minds are not the same, we do not structure the same event in the same form unless if we are truly connected, hence there is always that chance that we can do more. The universe that we live in is a mirror copy of the universe that is our minds. If our minds are limited to what we believe in tags, then the universe that we observe will similarly be tagged to that which we believe in. In time we need to break away from being human beings to become universal beings. It is the very definition of what we are that creates the limit to who we are. By being classified in context as human we excuse ourselves from participating in bigger astral possibilities yet the essence of what we are is universal. We live in the universe not just in the locality of earth. Mars and Jupiter are our neighborhoods which we can visit if we decide hence others are seeing that.

I am only flesh and blood is true but a lie. You are more than flesh and blood, you are a universal being who intellect can interact in imagination, virtual reality and different aspects of life. Do you.

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