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Extra-ordinary doors don’t open when you are knocking on ordinary doors

Extra-ordinary doors don’t open when you are knocking on ordinary doors. #unlockedsuccess

Doors are Everywhere

Life is full of doors which can bring us the greatest success or the worst failure. Everything around us presents a new opportunity. Think of life as full of doors all leading to one frame or moment of activities that lead to different things. We think in time in terms of seconds and hours or days and weeks, yet the real time is the doors that lead to many different opportunities. Every step that you take is into a new frame of time which gives you different opportunities. Whenever you do something or make a movement you are moving through different doors, opening a new door that brings you into a new frame of opportunity. What matters is how you use the doors in front of you.

Knocking on the Wrong Door

Yes when you knock on doors they will be opened but have you ever thought that you do not have much because you are busy knocking on ordinary doors. You pray and declare to one day be a business owner but all you ever do is knock on small doors to sell small change. #UpYourGame. You say you are strong but your pressure tolerance is so weak no one can trust you with big things. You pray to own houses and mansions but you cannot pay rates where you stay #YouCannotBeTrustedWithWealth. You are knocking on the wrong door. If you are still struggling with normal doors how can you open big doors. #BeReal 

How far we go is determined by how big the doors we want to open. Imagine that you want to own a big distribution of beauty products. You cannot own it until you study the market, understand the products, and then start selling, travel to see the markets and find new places to distribute. Every step that you take is a door opened to a different reality. Most people wait for someone else to present them with a door of opportunity without realizing that they can open the doors themselves. Life is not about who gives you an opportunity it is about which door you step through. Each door is opened into a new time frame by the step that you take. If you stand still in life you will be stuck in the same place and the same time, whilst others are passing you by. The doors will revolve and soon the door that was available to you will not longer be available in the space and time where you were.  We knock on different doors by the plans that we do.

Practice on small doors to open big doors

When one is climbing a ladder the first steps will seem like small steps, however once you are closer to the target your position becomes higher, gravity pulls you more, the chances of falling become higher, you are in a different territory and hence your steps seem bigger.

To open the big doors you need to take the small steps. Doors will be opened but if your wrist is too weak to open the door when someone says come in you will stay outside. Practice makes perfect but practice makes one’s wrist stronger. #PracticeOpeningDoors. I know you admire the moon, others are busy creating technology to mine on the moon. Which doors are you thinking of? You see it’s true that the race may not be for the swift all the time, but one needs to be fit in order to be in the race and you are probably not in the race. #AreYouFit.

Time is doors

When people say they are out of time all they mean is that they are out of opportunity to open doors. They may be out of practice, or they are too far from the door they need to open. Some doors are a series of doors that need to be opened and if you have not taken one step forward you might be one step backward too far. Eliminate all doors that don’t work for you, and sometimes the only way to eliminate them is by trial and error. We think time is a continuous flow yet it is just frames that are next together. Until we learn how to manipulate our time frames we will not open the doors that matter. So, whilst you are sitting where you are reading this article, think of the doors right next to you, which will you take and at what point.

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