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Failure does not happen on its own

Every second and hour that we are alive is a consolidation of success or failure. With every step that we take, every breath that we take, every decision that we take, every day that passes by is an opportunity to make or break what we need in life. Success is not an instant cup of coffee and neither is failure. This world is a paradox of two opposite things. There are only two main emotions, love or hate, there are only two temperatures hot or cold, there is only one option for visibility, light or dark, one can only be aware or not aware, they can only be day or night and nothing in between.

Failure does not happen on its own

For failure to occur it needs several ingredients. It needs the person who is going to be regarded as a failure, it needs the objectives that they are regarded as a failure in and lastly it needs the lack of effort in getting those objectives.

If we were to write an equation for failure it would come out this way

Failure=(Objectives+Person)*lack of Effort

Every person has an objective, and every person alive has an opportunity to do something towards success, the problem comes when it comes to the effort. Instead of there being effort there is lack of it. Now, because the lack of effort is a negative it negates everything. Let us explain by expanding the equation

Failure=(Objectives+Person)*Lack of Effort

Failure=Objectives X Lack of Effort+ Person X Lack of Effort

The above expanded equation then means

Objectives*lack of Effort  this now means that the person has no ambitions even though they have dreams but because of lack of effort their dreams become negated and they just become people waiting for others to give them objectives

Person*lack of Effort  this means though the person is there, they have just become someone who is just waiting to participate in someone else’s dream. They have no independent standing or personality of their own

Your level of effort in life determines your level of success if you are investing in the right direction. You are either travelling in the right direction or you are going in the wrong direction. Everyone knows this, it is just that sometimes we are not willing to admit it.

Life is an Investment

Life is about what you are investing in. Every effort that you make is a seed of growth for success or failure. Most of the time we think failure is inherited or that we are born poor. We are born into this world but we have to fight in order to to keep on one side of the fence, success. As you are born you are born with a promise of time, the time is your greatest asset in the external world and not in the internal world. Your greatest asset internally is your mind and your life. What you train your mind is what you are investing in. Your mind is the seed, the ground and the universe of success.

We live in a universe full of billions of stars and galaxies, all achieving one thing or the other, and our minds are that universe. We can choose to have stars of bright ideas or we can choose to have dark space with no shine.

Failure is like a Pothole

The reason why you see potholes, water bursts and broken infrastructure is because of people who are supposed to fix them  think maintaining something is a waste of time. You see their habits in the small things, when they do no repair broken toilet handles, torn carpets, squeaking brakes, broken window holders, loose chairs etc. In most cases maintaining “stuff” is seen as an expense but they never see that in the long run it becomes more expensive not to maintain.
It takes a long time for buildings to become dilapidated, it takes a person who lives in it to “consistently” ignore it whilst still living in there. A street full of potholes does not just magically have potholes, it takes dedicated neglect from those responsible for it to reach that stage.
Look into your life, what are you neglecting and waiting for someone else. If you cannot fix or maintain the small things, the big things are not for you. #PotHoleDoesNotGrowItisGrown

There is no Fence

We have coined terms such as I am sitting on the fence or I am being neutral, there is no such thing. Even when sitting on a fence it means you are supporting a particular side. For example, if there was a world war and you choose not to take a side, the fact that you have not taken a side means that if you were an active participant in the war, your effort would have  added some power to one side, but by not participating you have given one side an advantage which would not have existed and taken away an advantage that would have existed. There is no fence in this world, you are either hot or cold, if lukewarm you are still either hot or cold.


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