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Growing Success in 3 simple ways

Success is something that we can grow and is in our power to deny, delay or accept. What we focus on is the reason why we are either successful or not.

1. Planting for success

It is obvious that to get an apple you need to plant an apple tree, likewise it should be obvious that to get success one needs to plant success yet this is never the case. In most cases we grow up planting anything and everything. Take an example of a person going to university, half the time they have no idea why they are going there, they go there because it is natural to go there, yet they will tell you they want to get a good career. The thing is, we are not born to have a career, and we are born to enjoy life. A career is supposed to be a means to the end. What the potential university student should ask is what do they want to achieve in life, when they can answer that question then maybe they can become a successful.
People plant all sorts of things in their lives, from bad relationships to bad partnerships yet all this can be avoided. Planting simply requires that one knows what one wants in life then find the seed. Sometimes the seed could be making a thousand proposals, it could be inventing one gadget, it could be writing ten eBooks, or writing a hundred articles. The key is to know what you want in order to harvest what you need. Most of the time we plant oranges yet we want apples and the sad thing is we only discover thirty to forty years after college that we have planted the wrong seed. The same goes for countries and their leaderships, they select leaders who ten years down the line are nowhere near what they expected yet all along they kept convincing themselves that the orange will one day become an apple.

2. The Right Seed for success

Every seed has its germination time and growth time. For whatever it is you want they must be timing for each and every stage. If the tree is supposed to produce fruit after two years and does not, you give it one more chance, if it continues to fail you cut it down. Sometimes we compromise so much on the time such that before we know the year is finished and we have not achieved anything. We press on ideas that are dead, and push for changes that will never occur. The right seed will produce the right output at the right time, all it needs is the right elements. That should be a simple enough rule to follow, if you have the right seed, and have applied the right elements within the right time and place, then you should expect the right output if not then cut the tree down and go to the drawing board.

Success is something that we can have at any time as long as we are planting the right seed with the right conditions. If you notice that you are not getting anywhere in life, then you need to look at the seed you have been planting. It could be that your job is the wrong seed for you to expect success in owning a house, it could be that the partner you have is the wrong seed for you to succeed in business, it could be the boyfriend is the wrong seed for you to realize your dreams. What you spend your time on for the majority of your twenty four hours is the seed of your life. If you spend your time on booze you reap booze, if you spend your time on careers you reap a long career, it is all up to you. Most of us need to look at our lives and be honest in what we have slowed in. we are a result of our daily efforts of planting.

3. Success Grows if planted right

The right seed will always grow. It takes one step to get into the right path then a series of steps to get to your destination. If you have planted the right seed for success then all you need to concentrate on is the series of steps that you need. On one level you need to water the plants, on the next level you need to protect the seed area, you need to weed out the pretenders, you need to prune the plant, you need to tend to the plant. Eventually your success will grow and multiply itself, it will follow that it will produce fruit which will need to be planted around you and in no time at all you will have a fully grown colony of the same seed. Watch your seed and plant your success.
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