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How can I achieve self control in four steps

Self control is important to success even though it remains elusive to most people. There are  four basic steps for self control. These steps are easy to understand but difficult to implement.  However if you want to succeed then you must set your self apart.

1. Observe before you act

Your number one instinct in any issue is to act, you just feel the need to do something.  Yet doing something is never the solution to any problem, it is the beginning to an outcome, in fact doing something  before you understand is the fastest way to jump into a conclusion.  So listen before you speak, practice before you test yourself.  sample before you order big things.  It is very key to achieving self control that you observe before you act. It is better to be delayed than to be disqualified in life.

2. Look in the mirror

Self control is not possible until you know yourself. Control implies that there is something that needs  to be controlled. If you don’t know what it is then how can you control it. Daily in your routines take a look at yourself and see who you are and which elements of your character need to change. You won’t always like what you see but at least see it. When you are doing anything in life take a look at yourself, how you act and think.

3. Set your value standard

Control is only achievable when measured against a standard.  That standard is what then demands control. Imagine trying to control the temperature of a furnace but not knowing what the acceptable minimum and minimum is. You would struggle as you won’t know where to stop.  A value system determines the lines that you won’t cross. If the lines are not made obvious you can end up with just about anything. So a value could be “I will respect my parents, i will not cheat, i will not take short cuts” and so on. These create the boundaries that you will not cross. A value system is important in that it creates for you a standard that you can uphold.

4. Honest reflection

Every control system has a level of correction, you are no different.  Once in a while as you look in the mirror you must be able to correct yourself so that you can set the next  standard level.  Sometimes you will fail but that comes with the life, what  matters is how fast you rise up again. If you keep yourself on the floor for too long you can become a stepping stone or doormat for others.  Don’t stay too long on the ground get up and keep moving.

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