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How to become a brand in 8 steps

You can become a brand deliberately by doing a few things that make you consistent. The best movers and shakers in the world are brands which everyone can recognize. So when you think of Beyonce there is a certain type of brand that comes into mind which would be different from what you would think of Donald Trump for example.

1. Be good in one thing that you will be known for

A brand is basically what you are good at and known for in this case. Find the one thing that you are good at that you want to be known for. This should be your best, not just something you do on the side but something that you will sharpen yourself to become good at.

2. Be where your skills are needed, be visible

If it means becoming part of an association then become part of that association. You must be where your name can increase or be known. Don’t hide and think that you will become famous just by being there.

3. Build your consistence

A brand attains its status by being consistent in everything that it does. When you look at what you do, it must be consistent. Create a standard for yourself and work to ensure that it is good enough.

4. Be authentic

If you are to be known for a particular thing then you must be authentic and real about it. Don’t be fake; if you are going to copy then at least let your copying be unique. When people look at what you produce they should see you signature all over it.

5. Have a signature

As related to the last point on being authentic, every company has a logo, and a way that it can be recognized by. Similarly you need to create your signature that people will know you by. The same thing can be seen in the movies, a Michael Bay movie is not the same as a Ridley Scott movie.

6. Allow for competition but never ignore competition

To be the best of what you do there must be someone to compare with. You need to allow for competition but at the same time never ignore competition. Do not be seen to hate your competition but rather embrace and do what you do best.

7. Time your presence and impact

Don’t be everywhere all the time such that you become a nuisance but rather be where you are required on time in time. Be the first thing people think of when they want to achieve anything in your space by being there on time.

8. Evolve your service not your brand

With time things change and you need to ensure that you are still relevant. You must keep your skills and expand them. Companies may change their service to suit different needs but the name remains.

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