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How to build a successful life with 365 bricks

No one builds a house by putting up a wall once, it takes brick by brick for a wall to be built. Your year is like a building project, each day is a brick that you lay down as part of your wall.  Like any building project there is need for adhering to specific rules for that building to succeed.

1. Make your bricks quality bricks

Each day that you have is an opportunity to lay a brick of success. You must avoid just putting up any type of brick into the wall. Remember the sum of anything is equal to the strength of the individual items. You make your day a quality brick by the effort that you put. The patience and the wisdom that you apply into what you do is very important, don’t rush into things as if there is no tomorrow. Plan how you will place your day in your wall of 365 bricks. Avoid the following things
A) Don’t place your bricks everywhere and anywhere: have a sequence an organised way if laying your bricks so that they make more sense.
B) Don’t just throw your brick or day in life it might break: living life like there is no tomorrow is never a solution for anything.  Many house projects become expensive because of wasted material which is just thrown everywhere
C) Put each brick with cement, don’t waste : placing a brick that is going to be permanent requires that you add cement as well. The cement of life are your values and the principles that you adhere to. In the absence of your values then you actions in 2016 may not stand.

2. Make your bricks part of a design

No one just goes and builds a house. What starts first is an imagination of what you like the house to look like. So you imagine the house with the different styles and finally you pick what works for you. The lesson here is that the brick that you place must be part of the plan. Like it or not you have 365 bricks every time you start a year. You can waste them or you can build something worthwhile.

Don’t make a plan that you cannot afford. Sometimes we get carried away and create this great housing plan which has no support at all financial. So the house demands 400 bricks yet you know you can only afford 365 bricks.

Life is a like a ladder, you don’t just get to the top you must climb one step at a time. Trying to build a short cut in life is what gets people into trouble. There is no rush in quality. Stick to a plan that is viable and work on that plan with diligence and determination. Always build referring to your life plan.

3. Build daily

Each day has an effective 18 hours to place that brick. Do something worthwhile that will make a difference to your year. Don’t just live life as a passenger. A passenger goes wherever the car takes them and whatever route the driver chooses.

Be the driver of your day. Choose what happens in your day. Don’t let anyone else choose. You have the right to each day that you wake up. When the sun comes up it never chooses who is going to see it or receive its daily benefit.

Base your actions according to the time of the day. Don’t just act, there is a time for all things. No one builds at night, we build during the day. Similarly no one builds when it is raining, have a plan check the weather and don’t get discouraged by the morning outlook, during the18 hours that you have there will be an opportunity. Let not the mood of two hours determine the actions of the next 16 hours. Utilise each hour of your day according to its merit.

No one can tell you what to do with your day, you are the architect of your life, you are the builder of your house, you are the sponsor of your life project. Success is within your capacity and willingness to deliver. When you wake up each day you are making a decision as to what happens on that day. Make it count don’t let it count you as a statistic.

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