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How to Free your Mind-An E-book Extract

The true Nature of thoughts

Thoughts have no quantity, they cannot be measured. They have no beginning and have no end. They have no up and have no down. They just exist. Feelings have the same qualities as thoughts so hence the mind is the same as thoughts and feelings. Similarly imagination has no limits. We are the ones who create limitations by what we are comfortable with and what we are wiling to do. Life, because it has no quantity is infinity, it has an unending quality. We box ourselves in our heads by thinking that because we have a head our capacity is thus limited. Subconsciously we tell ourselves that we have a limit because our body is a 3 D phenomenon, or whatever Dimension considerations exist. Yet in real sense our minds have no limits, which is why imagination does not end and creativity always comes up with something new in the world.


Our minds are like the Wind

Our minds are originally meant to be like the wind. Free to move as they please in any direction, able to glide here and there and blow there and here. Our problem is we think we are just a vessel which contains the mind hence the mind has no freedom to that extent. We are thus afraid to think of new thoughts and practice new things. The more we stereo type life the more we limit our capabilities and the countless possibilities which exist.

We begin to define certain things which were possible as impossible and when we discover they are possible we are shocked. If we take a bottle full of air we contain it in the bottle, and it cannot go far. It only resides in there and can only have as its maximum the shape of the bottle. However if we release it that air in the bottle can take any shape it wants, it can be part of a storm, hurricane, breeze, cool air, typhoon or whatever form it wants. This is the power of thought, it is not meant to be contained in a bottle or stereo types.

You can only sail as far as the wind is willing to blow. Your mind is that wind.

Life is meant to be free and truthful, able to achieve anything, able to calm the storms and create them at the same. We box our thoughts when we see them through objects because then we begin to quantify them and hence we limit them. It’s like thinking of a beautiful house, we can either think of the house and its beauty first or we think of the money needed to buy the house. The moment we think of the money first we start to limit the extent of the house according to the money we have or we think we can have. Some dream of mansions whilst some dream of two bed roomed houses. In time you will see that every typical person thinks of a small house cozy enough for the family whilst the greater achievers think of many rooms and hall ways as according to the liberty they have.


Our minds are clattered with objects and quantities but not with liberty and freedom. We need to set our selves free from the confinements of limits to the freedom of possibilities. It is time to wake up and stop being three dimensional and embrace a wind type of thinking because this is what we really are. We like to think in measures yet infinity has no measure it just has what is. We need to see life according to what can be achieved and not, what cannot be achieved. The world is not black and white but is multifaceted with lots of wonderful possibilities and power we never thought existed. All we have to do is believe and be free from the stereo types we have lived in for so long.

The wind has no real direction is just blows according to where it wants to go. It can cross deserts, mountains, oceans, valleys because it can. In a similar way so can our minds, we can imagine anything we want and have the best of life. If you can think it then you can do it. Life becomes a limit when it becomes black and white. We stop timing of possibilities and concentrate only on what we see. This is where the problem begins because we start taking one side and our perspective is dominated one side of things.

How to live a free life

A person must be able to live life understanding that they can go in any direction and can achieve anything that they set they mind upon. You should not be confined to stereo types on what life is because life is full of so much color. What we know now is not the end it is jut what we have been able to discover but there are many different colors out there which are still to discover. There is no one side of anything they are many sides. When you walk in the street, just because you can see ahead of you does not mean those are the only things I the street, they are things behind you, around you and beside you. Just because we see what we see does not mean this is all that exists, it just means this is what we are looking at, at that moment. Our minds can understand so many things and we can do so many things which is what many religions speak of faith. Sometimes we do not see thins but we believe they will come to pass because our minds are aware of the existence of these things before they even exist. Our physical sense may not be able to pick it up but remember our minds can. Our minds cannot be touched or felt or quantified hence can pick up things which our bodily senses cannot.

We limit ourselves because we do not listen and most importantly we never believe. How many times do you think of someone and they call you, or you tell yourself to wake up and it’s the right time, or we feel we are going to have visitors and they come. These are everyday things and we are now so used to it we never think its part of something much greater than just 3D. We believe words like accident, coincidence, luck and just happened. Theses are words that bury us into sleep more and more such that we never really then take the time to listen to our minds. Instead of moving like the wind and thinking like it, we place ourselves in a bottle and wait for someone to pick us up from one place to the next.

Freeing your mind

If you want to free your mind you need to become unhooked from certain perspectives and behaviors. The worst and most destructive perspective is what we refer to as fear. This ladies and gentlemen is the greatest destroyer of possibilities. Fear just by itself is a perspective which is responsible for creating stereotype people society perspectives. In fear is everything you can think of, limits, hate, misunderstanding, delays, time wasting, inabilities, what ever you can think of fear has it.

It starts as simple as you are afraid of waking up early because you are afraid you will be to early or it is too cold. It then gets more complicated to such things as, I cannot do this because it is not meant for me.

What fear does is that it starts to creates these words and views. It hides behind words like impossible, luck, abnormal and all such and we fail to recognize because we think everything is as it should be. If you want one sentence to help you break every stronghold in life this is the one sentence, ”Have No Fear”. Fear creates these walls which we seem unbreakable. When ever we ant to do something it seems impossible or we think we cannot reach the end. Instead of reaching for the starts we reach for the table top, we never even aim for the roof because we prefer a height in which if we fall we will land on our feet safely.

In order to keep ourselves safe we create this world of ours where everything is familiar and safe. The people are familiar, the challenges are not too great, the lives are simple, the goals are not too ambitious, and everything about us is just safe. Our environment becomes normal and safe so whenever something happens we call it luck or just happened because we are afraid of taking responsibility. We become experts in walls and borders, we know exactly when to stop and when not to cross anything. Instead of embracing life we embrace the fear of life.

The greatest dictators were successful because of fear and not power. By keeping fear in the minds of people they kept them in prisons with the perfect walls which cannot be breached. Physical walls are easy because they can be breached but, mind walls are harder because they are not easily broken, so people never stand up to the dictators because they were imprisoned in these invisible prisons which never seemed to be breakable until the dictator dies. The interesting thing is that the dictator can be a frail old man but just his name would make strong bodybuilders shudder with terror and cower in fear. Such is the power of fear, it is able to reduce people to shadows and create prisons which cannot be broken. Freeing your mind is something which can be done by accepting that life is free. If you understand that no one mortal has the power of life over you, you will begin to understand what life is. Life cannot be imprisoned by physical means because it is not physical, our bodies are just a body. We experience pain, sickness and all that but this deals with our bodies. Life itself has no sickness or pain it is just as it is, life.

Things that hold us down

You are right, they are some experiences in our lives that create fear in our lives which are hard to shake off. It can be an experience in war, a rape, a torture, suffering and some things we cannot mention here. These are things which can push us to create walls of fear because we are afraid of the same thing happening again. The best way to deal with such things is to face them. When we hide from them or not accept that that they happened we give them a power over us which they have no right to have. They become shadows that creep on us and threaten us with a mystic sometimes we cannot understand. The more we ignore them the more powerful they become. The best way to deal with such things is to accept that yes they did happen. Admit to yourself that things happen but it is not the end of you. The fact that you are breathing mean there is more to you than just suffering, you have great things which you can achieve. Your mind is your mind and no one has a right to have a hold on to it. Whatever strong hold there is has no power over you and should not be allowed to. You alone have the power to set it free in truth of life. You make the decision to make it occur. You decide what can imprison your mind and what cannot, it is up to you.

Some experiences cause us to view the world in a certain way such that we fail to make the right decisions when it is time to. In our lives there is always a critical moment which comes to us. It is at this critical moment that we can make decisions which will change our lives forever in a good or bad way. Fear when harbored inside us for a long time can cause us to hesitate on very important decisions in our lives such that in the end we lose out. We may delay, be afraid to commit or simply just be too mortified to do anything.

Viewing the world in black and white causes us to jump to conclusions and funny enough we become the conclusion because we fail to recognize the finer detail of life. Instead of waking up to the truth that there are an infinite number of colors we resign ourselves to conclude that the world will always have the same conclusions as it did before. We never give ourselves a chance and never try. It is better for you to try to make is when you are forty than when you are dead, because when you are dead you will never enjoy life. Would rather be a billionaire when you are sixty or when you are dead? Never taking the time and the moments to view things for what they are is very conclusive and usually leads to disasters and unfortunately it is our personal lives which are ruined because the world will carry on and we will be left behind ruing the missed occasion. Life has many doors of opportunity and fear is certainly not the door for you and neither are stereotypes.

Another thing that limits us or rather ties us down is our imaginations. The more we imagine according to the walls we have built inside of us the more we are limited to the bottles we find ourselves in. life is full of imagination and we are part of it. Sometimes its like a dream, where we find ourselves in a nightmare or a fantasy we like, the differences is that

This article is taken from the eBook How to wake up to Success by Unlocking your Mind by Winston.

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