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How to succeed in life by building capacity in 3 areas

Success is a result of having capacity. Not every person who wins a million dollars can be termed successful. Most people would lose their wealth if they were to be given the money immediately. In order to succeed in life one must be able to build capacity so as to be able to handle success.

1. Knowledge

The absence of knowledge normally renders any person susceptible to disadvantages that they may not be aware of. Naturally none of us can obtain knowledge in all things which is why consultancy is very important. Finding a mentor or a coach is one way to bridge the experience gap. Other ways to gain knowledge include
• Reading books
Learning from other peoples experience
• Observing what happens in the world
• Attending workshops
• Doing continuous educations
• Research
Once capacity is built in this area you will feel more comfortable in tackling different issues in life. It’s not always important to know the solution what is more important is knowing how to get the solution. So you may not now about finance but if you know who to ask or where to research then your capacity is increased.

2. Your Stretch and Stress Factor

Success demands that you be able to withstand different challenges that will come in life. Some challenges can test you to a point of giving up which is why being able to be resolute is important. Stretch or stress factors include the following
• Tolerance
• Patience
• Stamina
• Vision
• Determination
In all things you will always be stretched. You have to develop a skill in being able to be patient or to be determined. Most people give up just before they find their gold yet the opportunity would always be there.

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3. Your emotional Intelligence

Ever heard of people who earn millions and lose millions? This is all too normal in Hollywood, athlete’s lives, and other used to be very successful people. Emotional intelligence deals with four areas
• Self-Management
• Social Awareness
Relationship Management
Going off in all directions may not be the best thing to do in life; one has to find a balance between what they want and what society is all about. Be able to manage your relationships as they can also be a source of success or failure.


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