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Identifying your Weaknesses and Strengths, 5 Tips

You have strengths and weaknesses which if you are aware of you would be better prepared for most situations. Identifying your weaknesses or strengths is therefore an imperative requirement for managing one’s success and limiting the failures. We have come up with five simple ways to identify your weaknesses and strengths without much fuss on your part.

1.     Watch your emotions they normally tell you

Your emotions normally tell you what you like and what you don’t like. We are naturally happier doing what we are strong in hence our emotions are a bit more relaxed. When our emotions are tenser normally we would be doing something that we don’t like. However, this does not rule out that we can do things out of irritation that we like or don’t like.

2.     What do people ask you to do

People normally will never ask you to do things that they know you are not good at. If you note what they normally ask you to do this can be an indication that this is where your strengths lie in. In the same way that people ask you to do things or ask you for advice is the same way people don’t ask you certain things. When in a meeting or other places of convergence there are certain things people will avoid giving to you because they believe these are your weak areas, until you prove otherwise these will remain areas of weakness.

3.     What you read and research

Watch what you normally research or read, either you are trying to beef up on your weaknesses or enjoying your strengths. The more you look at it the more you will realize that you are either trying subconsciously to fix your weaknesses or you are checking out your strengths.

4.     Write your Resume or CV

Your resume is normally where you identify your professional skills. So this is an easy place to identify what you are good at. The opposite then is true, that in your professional life there are things that you are supposed to be competent at by virtue of your qualifications or experience but you are not comfortable in elaborating as much as you do other strengths. This will give you an indication of your strengths and weaknesses in skills.

5.     Compare yourself to others

We sometimes like to be pious and not judge others however we certainly can compare ourselves to others. There are people you admire and don’t like at all. From this you can pretty much judge where you stand when compared with others. This would be in both scenarios, strengths and weaknesses.


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