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Local Knowledge vs. Universal Knowledge

Who are you? Are you an existence of chance, a made up simulation of a concept or a creation of time? Many different answers can be offered however one fact remains, we function by knowledge which comes in different forms. Our knowledge can be as simple as knowing that fire burns or as complicated as an algebra equation and the answers that are needed. In all this knowing is the boundary created by lack or possession of knowledge.

Whatever knowledge we possess, it’s clear that local and universal knowledge are the boundaries by which we function. For one to do anything there is need for innate knowledge to exist . You cannot all of a sudden move your body in one way or the other  or perform any motor function without at least having the “code” that enables the body to understand what steps or procedural functions are needed to move forward. We breathe because we are coded to breathe, to be able to extend and depress our lungs appropriately. At that local or simple level, knowledge will exist which enables us to function.

However we need to appreciate how our experts define local knowledge.  An appropriate definition of Local Knowledge is perhaps that  as defined by Uneso.org  which states “Local and indigenous knowledge refers to the understandings, skills and philosophies developed by societies with long histories of interaction with their natural surroundings. For rural and indigenous peoples, local knowledge informs decision-making about fundamental aspects of day-to-day life. This knowledge is integral to a cultural complex that also encompasses language, systems of classification, resource use practices, social interactions, ritual and spirituality.These unique ways of knowing are important facets of the world’s cultural diversity, and provide a foundation for locally-appropriate sustainable development.” Another good definition is as defined by Idea Group  which makes reference to knowledge being based on one’s locality or geography

Who you become is a reflection of what you have known or have been exposed to. By nature we are the substance of what we are “coded” and what we become conscious to. Our biggest weakness is not our physical weakness but rather it is our mind’s weakness. We are the substance of the mind, or what the minds lacks or possesses. Some knowledge limits us whilst some liberates us. Cult knowledge can limit us to a sense of belonging which inhibits exploration into deeper “truths” whilst ignorance can limit us to local functions and hence common poverty. The human society in large has created systems which have become a standard of living determining whether we are astute or in all scientific terms “stupid”. Stupid is not an insult but a state of not knowing or unable to know.

Universal knowledge requires a more analogical understanding than local understanding. An ant in its universe is only aware of its surrounding and processes knowledge that computes its day to day survival based on what it knows. It follows that the frequency of its brains computation is limited to the challenges that it faces. When placed outside its system of existence it can either adapt or face annihilation. Universal knowledge ceases to be instinct but becomes that ability to learn and assimilate knowledge not based on experienced local knowledge. All things are in motion, and so is our minds. The level of motion or frequency of our mind’s neural networks can be localized to what we know hence limited to what we believe or we can be open to what we don’t know and learn what we need to know. The universe is a place of opportunity and possible whilst at the same time being an endless mine of resources. The universe is always expanding, and because we can now observe it our potential therefore increases. Before we could observe its growth, the universe was simple the sky and our imagination was limited to the sky, however when we saw beyond the galaxy our universal knowledge increased. The universe expands because we can observe it but is not expanding when we are not observing it.

Our minds are a universe and are made in the same function, if the frequency of thought and imagination is limited to planetary locality then we think at the base of limitations. If however our thinking and motion of thought is as the “the speed of light” then our universe expands. If we are not in motion at the speed of light we never expand beyond the planet’s gravity or rather the local knowledge. We are the substance of knowledge but that knowledge is determined by the level of vibration. Local knowledge is similar to a planetary existence with a particular gravity to keep you grounded. It is good to understand the local knowledge but it is liberating to possess universal knowledge.

You cannot grow beyond planet earth until you leave planet earth. Your earth keeps you grounded and is a launch pad for greater things. What is your universal knowledge? Your universal knowledge is an infinite place of resources. The key concept of universal knowledge is “Infinity”.

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