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Program your life for success

Success belongs to those who recognizes its patterns which consequently are a simple program. Being able to program your life for success is one of the greatest achievements that you can do. There are five principles that you can use to be able to do this.

1. Relax, Focus and Control-

Your ability to achieve is depended on the state of your mind. The person who attains all three (Relaxation, Focus and Control) at once can achieve more than the normal person. When your mind is distracted it becomes difficult to achieve the things that you need. So what must you do?
• Relax-Be self aware and observe what is around you
• Focus –Put all your attention on that which you want to achieve
Control-Practice self control

2. Availability results in opportunity

Any existence, its solutions and challenges is dependent on who controls availability and opportunity. The people who can master availability and opportunity will always win. Learn how to use availability. Most people lose out on opportunities simply because they fail to understand what is available. Many things exist which are available to you. These can be summed up as
• Mind
• Environment
• Resources
• Time
When you know how these are available to you then opportunity becomes your playground

3. All things are made up of smaller things

The greatest plan is hidden in the smallest detail. It is the small detail that is the undoing of most people. The little small print of life is where we get it wrong. When you train your mind to Relax, Focus and Control it becomes easier to find the discipline to observe and plan for the small things.

4. Organization is next to perfection

Effectiveness and efficiency is hidden in the order of things. Once one understands the natural organization of anything then success is a simple domino exercise. All things that you know have an order that must be followed. It is up to you to learn how to organize these.

5. Business is the provision of solutions

If one can solve the problems of another then one can create a business. Business is the provision of solutions. Every business that is successful is successful because it is good at solving a particular problem. Society has needs which is why if you learn to address those needs you can create a business.

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