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Success Requires Multitasking not Singularity

Routine of Life Creates Singularity of Purpose

Life has routines, like Tax, Laws, Rules, Traditions, Peer expectations and other trends that we are expected to follow one way or the other. Your rent never goes away, neither does the need to do school or the need to pay for school fees.There is always a need to be part of society one way or the other, but the trick is to never get caught up in the routine. Going to school is a regular expected effort in this world that we have set up or designed for ourselves. After going to school the expectation is to get a job and work for decades, then retire, and then die. In between the being born and dying are many different things that we have created and expect each other to do such as baby dedications, baptisms, pre-school, secondary, college and university as well as other social mixes we are expected to do. All of this of course is not natural, it is just the in between that we have created.

Our in between(Life and Death) includes traditions that we have crafted to make ourselves feel more comfortable on earth or to give meaning to our existence. Take for example that we create funeral processions, wedding ceremonies, religious stages of acceptance, family gatherings, and much more. We then are kept busy by these inventions of ours such that over time we believe they are natural yet there is nothing natural about them. Most of the things that we do if we were to ignore them we would not die but we persist because a billion of us do it therefore it must be correct. There is no questioning our beliefs or even imagining that we could do other things, hence multitasking seem foreign to our reality.

Artificial Obstacles are Killing Us

We areĀ  too occupied to do anything else, our lives become an artificial progression over artificial obstacles that are set before us such that we believe when we pass these artificial obstacles we feel like we have achieved something. Our traditions and cultures are those artificial obstacles that numb our brains from thinking that we could do anything else. Imagine that you could be educated at home, not attain a certificate of any sort, and then go ahead to build a business empire. It sounds ridiculous right? Thomas Edison found General Electric among 14 companies and was home schooled. We named institutions after him and helm him as a great inventor with over 1000 patented products. Should we mention those billionaires that dropped out of school and become the determinants of society?

What is Multitasking?

Multitasking is not an impossibility it is a must for the possibility of success. Whilst others are occupied with the single task of achieving artificial obstacles of tradition, culture and routine, those who are able to do more are racing beyond regular time to achieve wealth and more security.What you own is not a singular achievement it is is multiple result of variables beyond just settling for one direction. The easiest roads to travel on are not single lanes but multiple lanes that allow us to more freedom and multiplied options of income.

Our failure is in believing that we have no time and accepting distractions that make us seem busy beyond our capability. We have more time than we can think, but sadly we fail to see that the other activities we indulge in such as endless entertainment through television, social interactions without much point or habits that add no value can be substituted for more targeted behaviors. It is not wrong to indulge in pleasurable activities but it is incorrect to think there is no time in your life.

Multitasking is the ability to enrich our self capability by doing more that what is set in your program of life. It is the ability to set aside non-progressive habits to attain more targeted habits, to indulge in enriching behaviors that add value to your well being and help you achieve more than just a routine of obedience to insecurity. Face it, we refuse to multi task because we are afraid that we will render ourselves incapable of focusing on the singular tasks that we are programmed to follow in order to fit in or be part of society. Not being able to multi task is a myth that cements poverty. Imagine this, if you are earning a salary of $1,000, how else can you buy a house worth $250,000, a masters degree worth $30,000 and acquire a car worth $65,000? If you stay focused on your singular task to belong to society through your regular appointed “task” and hope to get promoted to a position that earns an extra $300, its better you Multitask in life.

There are many myths to multitasking, one of the biggest life is that “I am too busy, I can’t do more than one thing, I am not intelligent, In time something will come up”, and more worse things have been said. If you don’t get up and do what needs to be done you will not achieve anything beyond ordinary. The brain has the capacity to learn new things, we hinder it by our beliefs which ground our real capacity. We do no understand our capacity which is why we underestimate our abilities. Your standard of life is about what you are prepared to believe is your standard of imagination. If you think your life is sitting on a desk for the next 20 years dong the exact thing to fit into society, so be it.

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