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Surviving the first 5 struggles to becoming a millionaire

When the road to becoming a millionaire starts and is now chugging along there are a few struggles that will come with it. It’s not always easy but you will always find a way to make it. Nothing comes easy and when it does it will eventually balance itself for you to prove that you truly deserve it. Becoming a millionaire has a few hurdles that you must overcome as you are on your way.

1. Keep to contracts

As your growth begins to take shape you will have many offers and many opportunities that will be very attractive, which is one of your first challenges. People will offer you many different things which if you are not careful will entrap you into an endless frustration.

Get your contract templates ready and function by contracts for all business deals. You cannot substitute a commercial relationship by just a handshake otherwise ten years later you will find yourself in lawsuits. Look at what happened to Mark Zuckerberg and friends.

2. Track your revenue

At first it will seem exciting as the money starts to roll in and everyone wants to pay your something. Maybe your product all of a sudden is now exciting and everyone seems to want it. The danger is that there will be so much cash flow you might start thinking you are making money and forget the costs and expenses that you need to pay. A seemingly good idea can easily become a snare of bad debts. Keep a real interest in your systems of tracking what it is that you are doing.

3. Recognize your customers

In your journey to becoming a millionaire make sure you recognize who your clients are. The people that buy from you are very important and critical to the success and the momentum of your business. Their word of mouth is important to ensuring that you get more clients. It is like starting a new restaurant, keep chatting to your regulars and making them feel part of the success of the restaurant. In the end they will be concerned with making your business a success that it should be. The best advert in any business is word of mouth; it is a testament of how great your business can be.


4. Create your core team

In any great business there are those that will rise with you and work with you. Create your core team around the people that believe in what you are trying to achieve and ensure that they are by your side. Your challenge in this is this is that there may be many people who will want to work you, but you must be patient enough to realize who your core team and who you can trust them.

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5. Keep selling

Once you have a momentum going there is always the challenge to think all is automatic. You must never stop selling; you must keep selling, keep advertising and making your products and services available. Be organized and put your selling mechanism to a specific order that will enable you to reach your millions. It is not easy to keep selling when everything seems to just be happening.

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