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Take charge of your life for success

How do you take charge of your life? Do you stop talking to people yet you live in a society, or do you change where you stay? These can be the extremes of looking to take charge of your life when it seems out of control. However you do not need to change where you are or who you are, because at the end of the day no matter where you go you will still be you. Eventually you will fall back to the same habits if you don’t change the core of what is making you lose control of who you are, you might never take charge of your life.

It is important to believe in yourself so that you can then be able to implement the three steps that follow in this articles.

1. Own your Life Plan

The reason why people lose charge of their life is because they stop owning their life plan. Owning your life plan means that you are responsible, accountable and the main strategist for that plan. If people are planning for you then you do not own your life plan and someone else does.
There are many ways that people do not own their own life plan. Some of those days are that as follows

  • Their life plan is not theirs but has been suggested by some form of education. Education is good for opening our minds but it tends to prescribe to people such that a person decides to be a certain career identity based on their qualifications yet they could be more.
  • Their life plan is not theirs but is based on their professional or work career. Just because a person is a specific profession should not limit then from doing other things. The normal that happens is a person tends to be limited to career based plans and never beyond.
  • Their life plan is not theirs but is based on their friends and society. It’s good to have friends but this should not limit what your life plan can be. The definition of your life plan must be more than just what your immediate society demands.

i am the boss

There are many reasons why your life plan can cease to be yours. When a plan is yours it makes you comfortable and content, you are not worried about opinions.

2. Function

To take charge of your life you must be active in what you want to achieve. You have to become a center of your plans by being involved in your plans. Functioning involves implementation of of your plans and how to make it all work. Function requires that you be smart and do the following


Always know what is around you, this is the basis of intelligence. Knowing your threats and opportunities is critical to be able to achieve what you need. We don’t live in a vacuum but in a society that affects our plans and who we are. Have a keen observation of what you need to achieve but observing what is around you.


When you decide to do something you must do it. Aggression is not about violence it is about being single minded enough to want to achieve what needs to be done. This means when you are locked on to your mission you must make sure it happens. Your aggression is only as potent as the determination that you have.

No turning backwards

When you decide you want to achieve your plan never turn back. You must always keep moving and keep doing the things that you require to fulfill who you are and what you are. When you turn backwards you will head backwards.

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3. Dominate

Being in charge means being 100% in charge. You must have absolute determination of your effort and capacity. This means that if anything is in your power to do, you must do. No half chances or half efforts, it must be you and all you. Not many people dominate themselves they let someone else dominate who they are. There are three areas that you must dominate yourself in


All your thoughts must be within your control and must only be fulfilled to achieve what you have influence over.

Your strength

Your efforts and movement toward anything must be yours and dominated by you. Your strength is an important factor in your movement to take charge of your life.


If you are not in charge of your emotions they can lead you to just about anything. Taking charge of your emotions is an important aspect of any effort to take charge of your life.

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Your success is dependent on who is in charge of your life. It is easier if the person who is in charge of of your life is you and not a stranger. Take charge of your life by fulfilling your plans, when you have no plans you are influenced by anything and everything. If you have direction that is determined by you, then you have a higher charge of who you are.

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