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The Secret to Happiness

How many times have we heard of rich people committing suicide or suffering from drug abuse yet they have all the money in the world. Imagine having ten million dollars and not being happy. Having so much money but still not being happy (sounds strange). This is the case for most people as they struggle to find what  the real secret to happiness is.

1. Be Yourself

Society as we have fashioned it demands that we live according to some forms of expectations and we are forever pushing ourselves to fit in to be this and that. So a person with ten million dollars spends their time trying to be some personality that they are not. Why not just sit back relax and enjoy life and just be yourself?

The secret to happiness is simply being ourselves. The problem starts when we have no idea who we are. As humans we have natural functions hence when we stress ourselves beyond what we are naturally supposed to be we start to feel pressure to perform. Our bodies have specific functions and hence when we degrade their performance we quickly start to feel stressed. Exercise liberates us as we get closer to who we really are.


2. Happiness Secret is being Simple

Happiness is simple, it is not complicated, and when we are ourselves we are simple enough. We are happiest when we are living our lives and not someone else’s. It is when you live another person’s life that you start feeling pressure. Peer pressure is about trying to live to someone else’s expectations. So we get stressed because we are going against what comes natural to us, living up to some expectations we don’t believe in. It takes a lot of energy to try and live up to something which is against our own beliefs.

3. Have Life Goals

You will never be happy unless if you are leaving to some expectation that you as yourself are comfortable with. The trouble starts when you do not understand what happiness means to you and you are waiting or someone to define it for you. There will always be stress if you are living another person’s goals that you are not happy with, but in the first place why live another person’s goals and not yours.

America poses with the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen after victory in the Women’s Singles Final match against Maria Sharapova of Russia during day fourteen of French Open at Roland Garros on June 8, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

4. Happiness is self defined

If you want to be happy then find the definition of happiness in life. What does it mean to you but let it not depend on anyone except for you. If you define your happiness on someone doing something for you then you might not be so lucky as to have people doing things for you. Let happiness be 100% your responsibility. When it becomes someone else’s responsibility to make you happy that is when you have a problem. When you are a child still in kinder garden life is simple, you just want to play, laugh and be happy. As you grow it becomes complicated because you now want to live up to other people’s expectations. You can be happy it’s up to you.


5. Strive to be Better not the Best

If you try to be the best all the time you will always be chasing a standard that you have no control over. Strive to be better than you were yesterday. One step is 100% more progress than standing still, if you try to jump everything to a greater happiness the jump might just make you tired. So strive to be better not to be the best.

6. Be Positive, Stay Away from Negative People

Energy is one of the most contagious things, and negative energy can come in loads of it. Don’t waste your time with negative people they will only drag you down. Be positive and reach for the stars daily. Negative people come and steal your happiness away. One of the secrets to happiness is knowing that positive energy is, and when you have it you will feel fresh daily.

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