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The secret to Success is knowing that life is an energy form

The universe is a membrane of activities and connections which enable different functions and upholding of paths for moons, stars and travelling galaxies. Everything has a form by which it is functional and in these forms are maps and patterns of the universe. The planet earth is in itself one form of existence with its own form of patterns. It is not incidental but by design that planet earth in our solar system is the most ideal for biological forms of life. What makes us human is not the biology but the intelligence of existent within the biology and planetary environment.

We are the sum of two parts


When we look at who we are, in scientific form we are in two parts in the most basic definition. The first part is mechanical. Human beings are structured with an endoskelton form which enables the support for mechanical motion and function. Hence like any other machine we have functional purpose at the core which is to enable movement. The existence of skeleton gives rise to a body which we identify as the human shape, though more relative to the earth.

Beyond the shape is the tissue that protects the endoskeleton but at the same time provides energy, grip for motion and sensory purposes. There are basically four types of tissue that being Muscle, Epithelial,Nervous and Connective tissue. All these are made of tiny billions of cells whose sole purpose is to provide power to the mechanical structure. So as part of the tissue you have vital organs such as the heart pumping blood, muscles enabling motion, epithelial tissue protecting us, nervous tissue providing the conduit for sensory ability and connective tissue acting like the glue of the body.

What makes us compatible to the planet is our ability to derive energy from its surrounding. For example our bodies are made up of relatively 75% water which is the general equivalent to the amount of water on the planet. We ingest “food” from the plants and through metabolic process we convert the food into energy that powers the mechanical biological system. The food we eat and the atmosphere we breathe infuse to create the perfect concoction for energy development. Our biological make up is designed not only for motion but to cohabit-ate with the environment, hence outside this environment we cease to live at an optimal level.

Each cell in the body is programmed to function to achieve a particular purpose, however in the absence of metabolic processes the cells die. In the absence of the input of oxygen appropriate chemical reactions are not achieved leading to health complications and fatality.


The second aspect of who we are is intelligence which can be expressed with different levels of understanding or different perceptions such as spiritual, mental, astral or thought. Our very interaction with the world or environment is premised by out ability to be aware of what is around us, hence the ability to recognize what can be eaten. Our minds act as units of storage and processing of information that we are able to use. The storage through neural networks, pattern formation enables algorithm, logical and artistic function as humans.

The energy we consume powers the intelligence to exist within the context of the mechanical body.Now the fact that we need energy to be alive means we convert energy into thought and perception. A computer uses logic bits 0 and 1 to create data for information however the existence of that logic is the existence of energy. When we light up a bulb a number of things happen which convert the electronic current into photon light where we can see and feel light. Thought, imagination and reasoning are all energy conversions that have taken place inside us.

As “humans” we convert energy into different forms which we name. Emotion is energy in motion and so is passion. On a mechanical structure we have Anabolic and Catabolic processes. Anabolic processes use energy to build more complex molecules that the body needs for functional purposes. Whilst on the opposite side catabolic processes breaks down molecules to release energy for use in the body, commonly known as digestion in common language. In the context of intelligence we have forms of “anabolic” and “catabolic” energy process which play on the most obvious being emotions. There is a reason why when you are hungry your thinking processes is affected or the lack of water for a prolonged time can deeply affect our consciousness.

Whenever we are thinking or imagining things we are using energy to construct or deconstruct for the benefit of life. An idea is first constructed hence energy is stored and when the idea is released into the world it is deconstructed to a different level of energy which is physically visible. The release of an idea into the world is the release of mental energy to create an anabolic process in the world which is the buildings and inventions we see. The greater the quality of idea the better the invention. Energy is forever being transferred from one form to another and the success of life is that transfer of energy. It is this “anabolic and catabolic” process in the usage of energy that leads to world constructs such as social classes, wars, peace, religion and science. There is more than adequate energy in the world, however there is less constructive catabolic processes at work.

There is more to it

Now this is not to say that the earth and the universe within the dimensions we see are the only sources of energy, energy can have different forms hence can be found in different dimensions. In a world where dimensions are more than just width, length, height and time (in the most basic of understanding) energy can be found in different aspects. Scientists speak of dark matter and so on, these are areas of understanding we are yet to fully comprehend. Limiting our appreciation of energy limits us to believe biological metabolism is the only transfer of energy that exits.

Our universe is big and the chances of existence of different forms of life are high, which are not based on biological energy. The idea of Heaven in the christian circle postulates a realm of existence in which one does not die, but functions eternally, which is a form or anabolic and catabolic processes kept in balance. Heaven denotes spiritual beings who have bodies of light which is energy in a different form.

If you want to be successful then understand how energy can be manipulated to achieve different forms of function. The code of life is the manipulation and instructive coding of energy in whatever form it exists in. The reason why there is no real comprehension or definition of energy is because this is what we are.

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