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The Universe starts inside you

When we look at the stars we wonder on the huge expansion that is the blanket of stars, planets and other celestial bodies. We then feel small and imagine that everything is out there and spreads so much we are nothing more but an incident of life. Through our senses we can interact with the universe and come to some sort of understanding.

The universe starts inside of us. We form pictures, emotions, ideas,creation and a sense of life in our minds. We think everything is happening outside of us, yet when we are thinking we are the ones molding the images and the perception.

Our minds are basically made up of three general functions, Perception, Interpretation and Conceptualization. Through these processes we become an entity with ambition, emotions and response.


We are designed in such way that we put survival first. For us survival means eating, metabolism, respiration, security, and procreation. Perception is the intake of information/data in order to interpret our positioning for survival. Survival is thus at the foundation of our lives at a primitive level of thought. We live to survive and survive to live as a primitive function. Our higher functional purpose is primarily to perpetuate life which is eternity. The greater the quality of life the higher the probability of survival and hence life. Perception is the intake of knowledge in order to improve the quality of life and hence survival. The aspect of survival is innate in us when we are not aware of how to find eternity.

Survival however is a primary function which is a primitive objective. We normally eat to survive for the maximum length of life we have been made aware of which is generally a century, however we would grab eternity gladly if we knew we could have it with the best of quality life.

We perceive as according to our experiences.


The ability to give meaning to anything is dependent on what we have perceived by experience. We miss a person more by what we remember hence interpretation to a memory is based on the existence of that memory. We are creatures of information and data, hence it matters how we interpret that information and data.

Think for a moment of how people interpret the same thing differently based on what they have spent time perceiving. A simple statement as “You are not capable” can be interpreted in many different ways, in one way it could mean that “I am not intelligent” in another interpretation it could mean “I have to improve myself”, the different interpretations that can come out of it will depend on what we have spent time perceiving. If you are used to negativity you will interpret new experiences as negative.

On a day to day basis we are constructing our universe, and if we are not careful we can end up constructing our universe with the same stuff which is not progressive. The universe is always expending and so is our internal universe. We are the center of our own universe and how we live determines what we can achieve.


We can receive information, and interpret it to create new data which becomes our conclusions or supporting acts. When we are faced with different situations we normally refer to our frames or concepts that we have stored through our interpretation. Who we are is a function of thoughts and what we see is based on the concepts of frames that we have.

If we experienced a bad winter we may tend to think that winter is bad and we are more cautious in winter; we may not realize it but it becomes a place of reference when making decisions. We form concepts that direct what we are able to see, you see your new car everywhere because the new car is your frame of reference. It is easier for you to notice things that you have perceived or experienced, that is why opportunity which involves risk is not seen by everyone. It is harder to turn around an organisation with people who see things as they used to.

Your level of exposure determines your frame of mind for new things. You are a function of your thoughts, if your thoughts refer to negative things then your frame of mind will be as such.

Conclusion-We are a sum of our thoughts

What we are, have been or are to become is based on how we interpret and formalize these thoughts as a basis for our actions. Of more importance is what we use as the driving energy for our universe. If the thoughts that drive us are based on what evil or bad can happen we then tend to act to avoid evil and bad. If we are governed by what goodness and quality we can obtained we are then driven by the challenge to achieve.

Many people live their lives believing that life is happening to them and that they are just passengers on a long journey between birth and death, when the truth is far from that. We are not passengers in the journey, we are drivers of a journey of discovery, and we are the center of that universe. What we attract and what we believe are all about what our universe is tuned to. Who you are is defined by every thought that you have and how you construct it to be the concepts that make the building blocks of your life.

We think in pictures and our imagination creates sensory responses, our emotions are a direct response to our interpretations of life.

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