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Unleashing the Giant slayer in you in 5 steps

Inside of you is a giant killer,  not a whimp but a go getter who is not afraid to achieve what they really want in life. Sadly that is not always the case in most people; we grow up never realizing that we have so much talent and ability but always looking up to someone else to come save us. This never happens and we live in regret or bitterness of the person we know we could have become.  You are a giant its just that you don’t know it as yet.

It is possible to unleash this giant killer in you and here are the 5 steps to it.

1. Leave your comfort zone on one condition

You cant leave your comfort position to go slay any giant unless if you have trained to be a giant killer. You can’t survive a battle unless if you are trained for it, if you do survive it is opportunity giving you a chance. So you have  to train and train hard. Thinking that you are just going to succeed in life is a wish list, you need to be prepared. Chance happens to all but when it passes by you must be ready to make use of it. If you are going to go face the giants in your life then make sure that you only leave your comfort zone if you have properly trained for it. Unprepared people achieve one results which is failure. You cannot face a Federer in tennis unless if you are prepared to play at the same level. The term giant denotes a different standard which you must understand and live up to before you think you can own it.

Comfort zone
Never leave your couch unless if you are prepared to fight for the one you aiming to get, otherwise when you come back the one you left will be occupied by another cat around the corner.

2. Choose a skill of your choice

Never fight a battle with another persons’ weapon of choice, choose yours. Select what you are familiar with that which you have used before. If you are a goal keeper then succeed as a goal keeper, don’t tryout as a striker when clearly it is not your position. Choose a skill of your choice and do not be afraid. It is better to lose knowing you did your best than regretting not having done what you could have. The reason why we lose some of our life battles is because we are fighting using borrowed skills not our own skills. In the battlefield is not a training ground, it is a war zone; hence if you are using a skill that you are not trained in then basically you are in training. On the training ground your losses are not recorded but on the battle field one loss ends the game. Choose the right skill that you have trained with to go into battle with. If the skill that you had trained in is not good enough then find the best skill and train in that skill, never go to war with a skill that you are not comfortable with.

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3. Focus on the task at hand

Many people lose the battle on the big day because they are too distracted by what is going on around them Your friends might be some of your biggest distractions. Never measure your capacity for success by another person’s failure. Determining what you are capable of doing by comparing with other people’s failure is never the route to success. Don’t set your standard according to someone else’s failure rather set your standard by their  victory. A river that divides into many streams is weaker than the streams that converge into a river.

Sometimes people will give you advice based on their failures in order to discourage you; in such cases you know you need to be able to judge what you are capable of and what is being said. If you know that you can then you can, but if you know you are not ready then you are not.

Let your confidence be the logic of the capability not the wishlist of the dreamer. You will hear many tales of the task at hand but when you are now on the battlefield the only voice that matters is yours.

4. Run don’t jog

It is either you are in it or you are not when it comes to the hunt for success. When the day of the race comes you must be prepared to run not to jog. That means you give 100% of yourself in order to achieve the best that you can. In cases where people are not prepared when called to the race for success they jog instead of running; when needed to prepare the best speech of their life they recite other people’s words hence the lack of conviction. To win in life and become a giant slayer one has to give 100% of themselves. Your effort must equal the strength of your need and desire. Never speed unless if you know that you have enough fuel but when you know know you are fueled just right and the skills for the race are prepared then the race track is yours to do as you can.

5. Be prepared to fight to the end

If you have decided to go against the giants in your life then you must remember that champions never compromise and failure never backs down. You have to be prepared to go the distance. No one will just hand you success, success comes with a sacrifice. If you are going to be big then something small and big has to give. Be prepared to fight to the end, no giant falls out of pity. Failure is the biggest giant that stands in your way and it comes in many different forms, people, circumstances and positions. The question that you must ask yourself is “Are you worthy to go the distance?”

Nothing happens overnight. When a champion suddenly emerges its not that they came from nowhere, they probably were practicing all their life and when the moment came they simply seized it. If you are going to be a giant slayer then you need to practice in advance and in using these 5 steps you eventually have the victory that you believe you deserve.




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