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Unlocking your innovation genius in 5 simple ways

Everyone is born a genius but not everyone can unlock their innovation prowess to do more than the typical. Innovation is critical in being able to find solutions and implement whatever it is that you want to achieve. There are 5 ways that you can unlock your innovation genius in your life so that you can deal with everyday life situations.

1. Learn the how

The most important thing you can ever learn in life is how to learn how to look for solutions. The obvious thing is that you can never know everything, but however you can learn how to find solutions. The how can be learned by understanding that

  • Every problem that exists today has existed somewhere else
  • There is a time for anything and everything
  • And every problem has a solution
Learn how, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty in learning new things.

When you have a problem you  need to know how to look for the solution. The solution can be found in people, on the internet, in books, in observation and sometimes the problem itself is the solution. One particular profession which is skilled in innovation is the “consultant”, they may not know the answer but they know how to get the answer. So a person working for Mckinsey can be faced with the problem, what they need to worry about is being able to know how to get the answer. There is always an answer.

2. Focus on the need not the problem

If all you do is look down at your problem then that is all you will ever see. Innovation requires looking up

What most people do not understand is that the need is greater than the problem. Focusing on the problem only increases the problem and dwarfs the solution. One could want to travel from Texas to Cape Town, and the problem could be that they have no money. Now the more you tell yourself that I have no money the more the journey will be impossible because you will then have to dismiss the idea because you have no money. The need is to travel from Texas to Cape Town, and hence you must focus on this and start thinking of solutions which answer the need and not the problem. The solution can be that you will work on raising money for the journey, borrow money from a friend, bank, or group and pay it back after a certain period. If you focused on the problem you would have been telling yourself that there is no money and not sure what you can do about it.

3. Forget your associative tags

Don't limit yourself to life tags like an article
Don’t limit yourself to life tags like an article

We are all socialized to believe that we fit into certain categories. So doctors will limit their thinking to medical related solutions, soldiers will think tactical war solutions, teachers will think reading related solutions, yet when we are born we are just human beings. If you want to be innovative you have to remove the tags that you have in your life. Your tags are a box that categorize you into a certain thinking mode. So a father who is a wrestler grows up thinking that their child must become a wrestler or must not become a wrestler. In both cases the box is the wrestler because everything is defined around the box. So most people will not notice but they will then make their decisions based on the boxes that they are familiar with.

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4. Exposure to different environments

If you want to be innovative you must deliberately expose yourself to new environments. It will unlock your mind from thinking that this is the only way to do things. The more you see other things and how they are done the more you will start to bridge new ideas. Your mind is a bank in which you can make several deposits with no end. If you only deposit in one account then you can only withdraw your innovation from one account.

Be more than where you were born,
Be more than where you were born,

Make it a point to learn new skills, new languages, new experiences so that you can see that there is more than one way to do things.

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5. Experiment with your imagination

Nothing ever made was done perfect the first time. Innovation is about trying, failing, trying and succeeding. The best experiments can be done inside your mind. The more imaginative you are the more you can quickly create new things that can be put into reality. There is nothing that exists today which did not come from imagination. It all started from imagination which is why it is there. Innovation is 90% imagination and 10% courage. In the absence of the courage nothing will come into reality successfully. Most of us get things done in our imagination then we fail in our courage to bring it out as we imagined it.

Unlocking your innovation genius in 5 simple ways is one of the greatest piece of advice we can ever give you for your success. It is up to you to decide to implement and make it happen. Do not hesitate to try it out after all you are a genius.


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