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When an Elephant is Afraid of an ant

When we live our lives under perception of what the world actually is we tend to lose perspective of what reality is. As you grow you might not notice that your value has increased and because you are so used to being under the same system of expectation you might keep yourself under the same people who in real potential you have already passed, yours might be a case of the elephant being afraid of the ant.

Success is about mastering reality and if you don’t recognize that your value is higher than what it was you might still be wiling to be yoked to the same old system.

Every Child grows

In time a child grows being dependent on their guardians for support and pretty much everything, but after a certain age they begin to master specific tasks and realize that they are independent. The same is of life, if you don’t master life itself you will always be dependent on the same masters and people who do not want you to grow. An easy example is in soccer where people sell players regularly. A player can start in division 4 which might be the lowest division but over time their skills and capability will be best suited for playing with champions in the premier league which is 4 steps higher. If that player or the manager of the coach do not realize that this transition is now necessary then eventually the player will age in the same lower division and never really achieve anything.

Titles do not define you

Titles are good but your skills might develop beyond what your are. You might be called a Clerk but over time your skills and knowledge might develop to Finance Manager but if you do not recognize this you will stay in the same position and people will treat you as a clerk and never appreciate you for being more. Once in a while they will recognize that you have good ideas but because your title says clerk you will always be an after thought. It is necessary that you move beyond this tag and start to do things which are at the level that you truly are.


Define goals equal to your measure

Setting goals that are the size of an ant when you are elephant size will destroy you. It will frustrate you and eventually the person that you are supposed to become will not happen. Learn to define your goals according to who you are and what you are capable of. Don’t define your goals according to what people expect of you or how they see you. Look in the mirror not through other people’s eyes but through the scale of weight of who you are. Your weight never lies, looks can be deceiving but your weight of capability will not lie to you.

Don’t spend your life behind people, systems or circumstance which you have already overtaken. You have the power to be so much better and it is up to you to achieve this. It takes time or sometimes it is a matter of decision but in the end the ball is in your court.




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