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Why a buried seed is a Regular Joe or Jane and a tree is a Super

Personal Development is like a seed for each idea or concept that you want to grow in. To develop yourself to become the best of you requires not only the idea but also meeting the challenges that you will face when growing. I know people have written a lot of articles about seeds and faith and different stories but in this article I want to show you why being a seed is the hardest part of any idea or personal development.

The Idea is the Seed though Small

A seed is the smallest of the idea, but represents potential which when you look at it, it is easy to dismiss as being inconsequential. Think about the ideas that you have had, no matter how much you see the vision of a million dollars or the big mansion or the beautiful travel that you will have, when you present the idea before people, all they will see is a small seed not the vision of the seed. So you can be seeing absolute success and be so convinced that it will work out, however people when they see you they just see a regular Jane trying to be a super Jane.

This is what happens when you start a business for example, you might propose a  training idea to your cousin who owns a million dollar company. Your idea might be very good and very organised, but what they will see is that regular Joe whom they saw growing up and not really be convince in their head that you are the right super for the job. This is the same story for all start ups, people because they do not recognize your brand they may never take you seriously. What people see in their minds  when they see a popular brand is a super and when they see something they are not familiar with they see a regular.


When I train on “Perception” I have an example that I love to give

A sales representative may be having problems with a difficult customer, and no matter how polite they are and the solution they give, the customer will not hear them and that is because for that difficult customer all they are seeing is a regular Joe and not a super. When they demand to see the manager and they are taken to the MANAGER’S office the mood changes and even though they are then given the same solution they leave happy as if something new happened or has been said. Perception would have come into play, they were dealing with their super. Their ego feels better and they now believe that they have been assisted.

However the Seed can grow

If you are stuck on how people see you and you begin to believe what they see, you will become blind to your vision of what the seed of your life’s potential is. When a seed is buried it is surrounded by darkness and dirt. There is not much it would seem at that moment, however the dirt is where the treasure is, it is in the nothingness that you will find the treasure of inspiration and the training of character. In that moment, when buried, the seed never sees the light of day but if it believes in its internal potential then the inner clarity of vision should be the daylight of its existence. It is at this stage that most people’s dreams die, when they are all alone and there are no cheer leaders to spur them on, when the dirt around then is a pressing weight of no hope, when the darkness is all consuming and nothing is clear. It is when buried that the strength of character is either grown or destroyed. Who you are is not a function of what the world says you are, it is a function of who you believe and act to be.


The headlines can suffocate you with negativity where people believe that you are not capable or the economic environment says you have no chance. Everyday is a printout or message forward on people’s successes or failures, if you never resolve to be a seed that grows you will become a seed that dies in the dirt.

Germination is the Proof of Life

Though the seed is full of life’s ideas, its only proof of life is when it germinates. Your life as a regular Joe can never be super until you carry out your ideas. Your ideas are a consequence on the quality of your vision. A break through is achieved when one conquers the perception o of nothingness to give birth to a new level of thinking and existence. You cannot breakthrough until you move levels.


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