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Why lions cannot be kings in the concrete jungle, but anyone can be

In the jungle you have lions, elephants, hyenas, leopards, giraffes and animals of all different sizes, hence their survival is dependent on brute strength and ferocity. In the human society humans are created equal however there is a twist for success to occur.

Equal size different content

If you take equal bottles which are of the same size and volume capacity, they are created equal but they can contain different liquids. In one bottle will be wine, in another water, in another an energy drink and so on. These liquids though inside what was created equal have different uses and power. So is the human being, hence knowledge defines the inequality that will occur. My people perish because of lack of knowledge could not be truer.
Yes we are created equal but that knowledge that each has defines their success. We are operating in the concrete jungle except that the survival variables are different.

It’s where the content is used for that makes the difference

In our analogy let us say we take two bottles of the same size which have the same volume of content and we bring those bottles to a party. On one bottle we label it beer and on the other we label it water. The bottle with beer will be more attractive than the bottle that is labeled beer. Where you use that knowledge is critical. A doctor is an important member of society and is very powerful in the hospital, however in the computer room it is the computer analyst who makes the difference. There are domains for our knowledge and skills, if we want to be successful then our knowledge must operate in that domain. Your success is the result of knowledge used in the right domain.

The concentrate creates inequality

However there can be two bottles of the same substance sitting next to each other and one of the bottles has a label clearly showing that it has a higher concentrate than the other by 20%, if a strong performance is needed then the one with the strongest concentrate wins. Think of class competitions and work promotions. Your skills are a mind issue and Unlocked Success wants to help with that.

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Unlocking your innovation genius in 5 ways

Your mind is like a fresh forest surrounded by grass all around. At first there is no way through but as you keep crossing using the same path a clear road begins to form. The more you cross the easier the path through the forest.
Until you start a path of success habits, your mind will remain a thick Forest which seems impossible to cross. Your habits are those things that create the forest path. Until you perfect your little habits you cannot create the bigger road.
A business that is efficient and effective in its delivery processes is more likely to satisfy customers than one which trudges along. A student who trains more frequently is more likely to be skilled than one who does not.

So who can be king of the concrete jungle

To be king in the concrete jungle, you need to be a key holder. You need to know at least one thing and know where to use it. A key for a safe will not open the bank door, so you need to be clever enough to take opportunity when the doors open to be in the bank. You cannot know everything but if you know this then learn how to use other people’s knowledge. Most companies fail because the bosses think they know it all hence ultimate success eludes them It‘s not brute force that works, its brute knowledge. A barbarian is not successful because they are violent, they are successful because they have the knowledge of violence.
When you stand in the concrete jungle, knowing when and how to use your knowledge is important. A politician who makes an inspirational speech about the economy to a 5 year old kid is no different from water that is used as fuel for a fire. You must be in the right place, the right time, with the right objectives to find success.

The bottles can be very small

It’s not the size that counts its the presence of a type of knowledge. Risk takers are not geniuses, they are people knowledgeable about what works. There are millions of people who can develop computer programs better than Bill Gates, but its the knowledge of use that matters. Knowing when to use it, how to use it, why to use it and who to use with it. A wise man can be a foolish man if his knowledge cannot be tapped in the right way.

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