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Why your Personality is your strategic weapon of choice

Life is not as fair as we like to think such that not everything is for free or is smooth. Strategy is always required for one to be able to get along in life successfully; that is what is needed in the professional life, the family, the business world, political world and in all different aspects of life. Whether you are employing the 5 Ps of strategy, “plan, ploy, pattern, position and perspective” the fact remains that you need strategy and your greatest weapon of choice is your personality.

Defining Personality

“Personality refers to individuals’ characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, together with the psychological mechanisms — hidden or not — behind those patterns. This definition means that among their colleagues in other subfields of psychology, those psychologists who study personality have a unique mandate: to explain whole persons.” (Funder, D. C., 1997)

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As a person you are a complete package for which if you were to take a military approach you would be likened to a tank in a battle field. Your success in the battle field will be based on how you maneuver, react,  and are driven. Your success is the optimum of your own personality design.


Your Strategy is how you are

Believe it or not, every time you smile, laugh, frown or just stand you are communicating a message which is processed and interpreted in many different ways. When you carelessly smile in front of your enemies they will interpret it in a specific way which may be detrimental to your future in any workplace or society. Communication is done verbally and non-verbally, which means that there will always be a message transmitted. Now, I am not saying be conscious all the time of what you do, but in certain situations define how you act in order to set what you want interpreted. Are we talking ploy in strategy and manipulation, unfortunately yes. Your strategy sometimes is as simple as how you are as a person.

 Thought Pattern is critical

The way you think will define how you act and succeed. My personal advice is that you don’t need to know all the  answers in life, all you need to know is how to think to solve problems when you don’t know the answers. A person who has cultured themselves on how to think in solving problems is more powerful than a person who knows. Building this pattern of thought makes your own personality a premium weapon of choice. There will be times when you have no idea on what is wanted but when you know how to think in in order to start looking for solutions you will succeed in getting the answer.

Pattern of thinking

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Express yourself to get to an objective

Nothing is incidental in life, if you want success then you have to be deliberate. Your own inner self is your weapon of choice, it is therefore your attack strategy and defense strategy. Culture yourself for action and observation, relax, focus and self-control. A tool is only as good as the user, and in your case you are an instrument and a weapon of choice. You need to decide what is the objective you want to achieve in life and train yourself towards that objective. It is only a matter of discipline and training. Once your culture becomes a habit of tradition you will become your weapon of choice. Express yourself to get to an objective by believing in what you want to achieve. You are the sum of your beliefs and your actions are the results of you expressing how you think. As a man thinketh so is he.

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