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Would you take Zumba or Yoga?

It is an interesting comparison by all counts, the dance of Zumba or the calmness of yoga. On one hand Zumba provides that exhilarating faster paced exercise whilst yoga gives you that calmness of stretch.

Both are of benefit without any doubt. Check out these fun facts from the link below on yoga from the site yogajournal. Zumba fun facts can be found on the link from huffingtonpost. In the end it might just come down to needs and personality. If you are interested in meeting friends, then both will still appeal. However the Zumba fanatics will tell you its a killer exercise, whilst the yoga practitioners will tell you there is more serenity.

So if we were to do a checklist we would probably have health and socialization being on par in terms of benefits for both. However you may find that there are words which are used to describe the two. For yoga the most common is healing, for Zumba the most common is fitness. Perhaps they are other words that are used to describe the two disciplines but when you hear the descriptions you can then decide what you really want. Zumba pictures fitness whilst yoga pictures healing. So what will you choose or prefer and why?

What we do know is that both will encourage you in success for your mind and body. A healthy body and mind are good ingredients in encouraging real success.

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