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You vs Bill Gates vs Obama

One is a business man, one a president, and you? How do you want to be remembered by your friends, your family, your partner and society in general. Bill Gates has made his legacy and Obama, well he has his legacy too.  To their credit Gates and Obama have not been afraid to do the things they believed in to make a difference.

Whether you think Gates and Obama are not in your top five of votes , recognition still must be given in that they have gone to achieve what they believed in. Now when you look at yourself, you need to think of the positive differences that you can do in this life of ours.

If you are a dad, then be the best dad that you can be, be the best mum that you can be. Never demean yourself, but rather do the very best that you can and make a difference. What legacy would you leave on earth after you are done and dusted (literally)? Think what kind of words would be said about you if we wrote a biography.

You vs Gates vs Obama, not a competition but just a point of reference for thinking of your life. Self development is important in life, it helps you to make the best contribution that you can in society. Learn something new and participate.

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