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7 Organization tips to hack and unlock time

Organization is next to perfection as noted in our book “The five Principles of Programmed Success“. One of the greatest resources in our top five of resources that you can harness is time, being able to unlock  time is critical for success. It is thus important to be able to get around time and be able to create more time and function at the level that is needed. Your life might be full of the hassle and bustle of life, and you are not too sure of how to get a handle on things. There are 7 tips on hacking time to unlock success.

1. Arrange events in a sequence

Time is a series of events which are arranged in a particular order. To hack time for its lock you need to arrange the things that you want to achieve in an order of execution. By doing this you are automatically creating time, or rather a time zone. The future will be based on the things that you must do and if you are disciplined enough you will notice that time moves according to your speed. In other words, create a list for everything that you need to do before you do it. Define your time and don’t let other define it for you.

Get events into a sequence and get time into your zone

2. Identify Critical events

Our time is marked by critical events such as the moon, the sun rise and the sun position. If you are going to unlock time them you need to identify the critical elements of the things that you need to do. These are the things that make your hour hand and minute hand. They become the 12  o’clock and the hours of your time whilst your seconds are ticking.

3. Always keep two events ticking at the same time

Our clocks are made up of two main events, minute and hour hand. The hour hand is the milestone and the minute hand is the precedent that gets us to the milestone. Whenever you are working on anything make sure you have the hour hand and the minute hand. The hour hand is the target and the minute hand is the tick tock that gets you to the objective. If you ever find that all you have is the hour hand then you will never get to the next milestone.

4. Pace your activities

Time is patient and never rushed. The moment you start rushing you probably have not set a pace for your activities. Always make sure that any activity that you want to do has a defined pace that will determine  the point that you will finish the race.

5. Pass and tick

When you are implementing your activities you must have a mechanism such that you perfect what you do. In other words, pass and tick and don’t look back. When things are done right the first time, time is saved to do other things. Time never moves backwards to correct the minutes or hours that it passed, it passes and ticks.

Pass and move to the next item don’t dwell on the same thing

6. Consistent is constancy

Day and night are consistent, they move according to how they are set. The more consistent you are in how you meet your time and deadline the more of a constant you become in other words, consistency creates a standard. The better your time keeping, and organization in keeping to your pace of meeting the hour hand the more you become a standard of reference. Hack time to become the standard of time.

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7. Make events your standard of time

Most people will identify time according to what the clock says, but to truly hack the essence of time then make your events the standard of your time. Create your day such that your events define for you what time it is. Instead of it being 12’o’colock it can become time for your lunch. The more your events define what time means to you, the more in control you are of your time.

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