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7 Tips to Control Time

Your progress in life is the value of time that you used efficiently. Contrary to belief there are some things we can do to control our time to add more time for doing important things. Half of the things that we do can be done better and we can make room for more time. The success of life is in how much quality time existed and not the quantity of it.

1. Do things before they are asked for

When it is obvious what needs to be done don’t wait to be told. Time is precious and every second that ticks away is an opportunity for doing great things. If you find that a person wants to control the things you can do in advance then that person wants to control you. Your success is dependent on how you can create time to do other things and if you are not allowed to do that then your personal success is under threat.

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2. Know what you want before you do it

If you don’t know what you want and you go on to act, you will spend more time trying to fix whatever it is that you did. Damage control happens when something has been done without much thinking and planning. Not knowing what you want can lead you to compromise on your standard. Most people will get the job done if they believe in what they are doing.

3. Speak only after understanding the consequences

Watching what you say is a good thing because if you don’t you will spend the next 30 minutes or year defending what you said. Some people are not so forgiving, they will say they have forgiven but have actually marked you with your words. So today they will laugh with you, but tomorrow they will bring up whatever it is that you might have said in error. Time is wasted in life in useless debates. Save time and practice thinking about the consequences. When you are with an uptight person it is best to watch what you say. Unforgiving people keep words alive for years, so watch what you say.

4. Read manuals when you are not sure

Time is wasted in figuring things out when a help manual is there. If you have other things to do then help is the greatest shortcut. Don’t try to figure things out when you are pressed for time, find theĀ  manual or simply get help. Ego is a time waster when not placed in its place.

5. Dream at night and pursue in the day

There is a time to sleep and a time to work. Sleeping during the day is talking or knowing about a solution and expecting someone else to implement it. Dream at night and during the day pursue your objectives. During the day the sun is giving an opportunity to do as much as we can.
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6. Laugh with your friends not at your enemies

Your enemies can take a larger portion of your time. They can sabotage your journey with pitfalls and roadblocks, avoid confrontation when its not necessary. Only fight when it is time for a fight. Laughing at your enemies only adds one more reason for them to pursue you.

7. Do the right thing more than being efficient in the wrong thing

Doing the wrong thing perfectly is as good as running backwards at twice the speed of progress. You lose time in going back, then you lose time in coming back and finally you lose time trying to catch up to where you should have been if you had been doing the right thing.

You have a say in how your day turns out by doing a few things different. You can make a difference in your life by doing those little things that matter.

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